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    Chatroom Rules & Regulations

    PG13 Chatroom
    • No ecchi, no hentai, no porn – no sexually suggestive imagery – ever.
    • No excessively or graphically violent imagery.
    • No excessive swearing. The odd "F" bomb, or whatever, here and there is totally fine.
    • No Bigotry. Offensive slurs will not be tolerated.
    No Illegal Content
    • No sharing of illegal content like fansubs and scanlations.
    • No links to websites that host illegal content. Link only to official sources.
    • For a full list of legal streaming sites click here.
    Keep The Community Safe
    • Harassment, threats, and general antagonistic behavior will not be tolerated.
    • No shortened urls. Shortened urls will be considered malicious content.
    • If users are concerned about predatory behaviour, please report directly to an administrator. Either KT Samurai or Shannon Apple
    No Flooding
    • Posting the same thing over and over, or flooding the chat for attention may result in a kick or a ban. Use common sense.
    No Unauthorized Advertising
    • No posting ad links in the chatroom. You will get banned.
    No Spoilers
    • Do not post spoilers in the chatroom. Ever.


    Please do not argue with chat moderators. They are there to make the chatroom fair and fun for everyone.

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