Kerberos analyses the currently airing crime thriller series Banana Fish and how it manages to be relevant and engaging despite the various adaptational issues it has to contend with.
Kerberos counts down the anime he is most interested in watching this fall
In preperation for the upcoming Gundam NT Kerberos and Pinky the Blue Flamingo sit down to watch the first film in the prequel film series: Mobile Suit Gundam - Unicorn.
Because no matter how promising the trailer looks, it wouldn't hurt to set the bar a little lower for this movie, just in case. Part 4/4 in Tonto-banchou’s Got Bleach? series.
Ya Boy Jack explores the world of March Comes in Like a Lion by looking at one of the more controversial aspects: Rei's sister Kyoko. Who is she, really?
Kerberos watches the first episode of the brand new Vampire anime Sirius the Jaeger. animated by Studio P.A. Works and directed by Masahiro Ando.
In this final part of the podcast Kerberos, Pinkly the Blue Flamingo and Sora Senpai go over the final shows of this season and give their recommendations.
Kerberos, Pinky the Blue Flamingo and Sora Senpai go over the remaining shows of summer 2018
[CAUTION: SPOILERS] In his first article for SC, Ya Boy Jack reviews the prequel to No Game No Life. If you're not familiar with the source material, it might not quite be what you were expecting.
Kerberos, Pinky, Gaff, Sora, and Neon Walrus are at it again with their impressions of the summer anime season!
Kerberos, Pinky, Sora, Gaff, and Neon Walrus are back at it again with their thoughts on the Summer season.
True fans know when to criticize their favorites. With Bleach, the boundaries got tested every time, that when it ended... well, let's just say I wasn't about to throw a farewell party to send it off. Part 3/4 in Tonto-banchou’s Got Bleach? series.
Kerberos looks at the upcomign season and talks about the anime he's most excited for.
Kerberos looks back at the spring season and all the anime that made it into what it was for him.
Kerberos reviews the drama anime from the early 2000s Koi Kaze. A show that was highly controversial at release but has been all but forgotten nowadays. Does it deserve to be remembered?