Anime Review: Ajin - Demi Human

A review of the 2016 supernatural action thriller series animated by Polygon Pictures and based on the manga by Gamon Sakurai: AJIN - DEMI HUMAN
By Kerberos, Jan 10, 2017 | |
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  1. Shannon Apple
    "Fantastic review."
  2. DamianWinters
    "Great first season, lackluster second."
    I thought season 1 of Ajin was great but the last episode was annoying and reflected on the whole second season pretty much. The main character is probably my most hated cliche of the character with crazy powers that just wants to be a normal everyday person, I actually haven't finished the second season because there is too much of Kei and the even worse new kid. Satou though is one of the most interesting characters to watch because of his crazy unpredictability, he makes the whole show what it is imo but hes definitely not shown enough. I wonder if I will ever finish off the second season.

    Oh and I love the Tokyo ghoul anime, fight me :p