Anime Review: Kill la Kill

A review of the highly controversial fan-service heavy meta-comedy, action show animated by studio Trigger: KILL LA KILL
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  1. OctalKey
    "This is the one with the Lesbians right"
    This was a pretty intriguing review, from one anime fan to another, I genuinely appreciated your intelligent criticism of the show's weaker story. It was outrageously funny and so fresh to look at, with the unique art design of the setting and characters, but it did try to delve into "srz bidness" territory with the final arc and the complexities of the "Clothing Wears Humans" conclusion. I still can't fault the anime entirely for failing at trying to stay determined it get this point across, because it was just so self-aware of how ridiculous and easy-going it was with the fanservice and comedy.

    Great review, I really respect and agree with a lot of your judgements.

    It's a terrific anime if you want to have a good time instead of watching something more Seinen.

    Also, I was surprised when I watched it and discovered I had no one to ship Ryuko with...I was like dang...
    1. Neon Walrus
      Thank you for your thoughts, I'm glad you enjoyed reading this.

      I found this show somewhat challenging to write about since I do really like it, but have a lot of compliments and criticisms for it. To make things more tricky, some of the show's aspects shared strengths and weaknesses. It came down to being able to organize and articulate my thoughts on it.

      This is obvious when I'm talking about the thematic ideas the show deals with. Some are perfectly implemented and executed, while others are messy and even contradictory and then it's also how some of them are utilized that causes issues.

      I feel that the clothes wearing people theme is up to the individual though. Me personally, I feel it could've been better articulated and set up since I feel that I really need to reach pretty deep to get it.

      Then the show even contradicts itself in that it's talking about abandoning clothes and materialism and Ryuko beats the villain by wearing all the clothes. Something I was going to bring up in the review, but decided to leave out.

      The issue here is that action requires further confirmation bias; I'd have to rationalize Ryuko as a Christ figure of sorts bearing everyone's sins; which can work if you want.

      However; Ryuko as a Christ figure is a stretch since some of her behaviors reflect this, while others are the polar opposite. I mean, she embodies some of these ideals since she doesn't care about status or materialism, but she's also brutish, violent and very unforgiving.

      Overall though, I really did enjoy watching this show. It at least took some interesting risks.