August Manga Club: All You Need is Kill

Kerberos and Pinky the Blue Flamingo check out the 2014 action sci fi manga All You Need is Kill based on the equally named light novel that was...
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  1. So @Pinky The Blue Flamingo and I decided to read the manga All You Need is Kill which itself is an adaptation of the equaly named light novel that was the primary source of inspiration for the 2014 big budget blockbuster film Edge of Tomorrow (Live, Die, Repeat)

    Warning! This podcast contains lots of gushing

    Genre: military sci fi, action, seinen
    Author: Hiroshi Sakurazaka (light novel) Ryousuke Takeuchi (script) Takeshi Obata (art)
    Number of volumes: 2
    Year of publishing: 2014

    Special thanks to @Kuze for additional editing
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  1. OctalKey
    Definitely going to listen to this first chance I get!

    I may not always be well-versed in what's hip or hot in manga but when this dropped a few years ago I was super early in following the manga adaptation of the light novel. I loved it! Just never spoke about it with anyone ;~; forever alone

    When I heard about the Hollywood film I went to watch it opening night and liked the adaptation as well, although I was particular of the differences. Still, good movie. Excited to see the sequel.

    So yeah, super pleasant surprise to see it featured on a podcast. You guys are a couple of respectable people so I look forward to listening to the discourse.
    1. Kerberos
      Not much discourse, more a joined hyping up and gushing. We're both pretty big fans of this manga.
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  2. Interest1ng
    I enjoyed the series for what it was. I felt like it ended well. I don't think that the Edge of Tomorrow did a great job capturing the series. But as most live action films they tend to diverge from the source. I would love to see a small TV series made for this tho. That would be a great action packed anime to the likes of God Eater.
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    1. OctalKey
      The ending (of the manga) was bittersweet for me ;( whereas the ending of the film was more hopeful.