Articles from Grungie

  1. Shounen and Shoujo Aren't Genres

    Just because it's shounen, doesn't mean it's all action and noisy heroes. Sometimes, you'll find the occasional schoolgirl there, too. Grungie explains the mechanics.
  2. Studios Can't Name Anime

    What's in a name? Not a whole lot, actually. Grungie argues things aren't as complicated as studios want you to think, especially when it comes to your favorite never-ending anime.
  3. Strike the Blood Review

    A review of 'Strike the Blood' a supernatural action anime, based on a light novel series of the same name.
  4. Dragon Quest VII

    Grungie looks at Enix's classic role-playing game Dragon Quest VII, originally released on August 26th, 2000, exclusively for Sony's PlayStation.
  5. Minami-Ke Review

    Review of the anime Minami-Ke, a slice of life comedy based off of the long running manga series written by Sakuraba Koharu.
  6. Final Fantasy II

    Grungie reviews the classic Final Fantasy II (1988), the second installment in the Final Fantasy franchise.