Articles from Tonto-banchou

  1. A List of Moderate Expectations for the Bleach Live-Action Movie

    Because no matter how promising the trailer looks, it wouldn't hurt to set the bar a little lower for this movie, just in case. Part 4/4 in Tonto-banchou’s Got Bleach? series.
  2. Anime Review: Ping Pong the Animation

    Ping Pong the Animation is the most serious sports story this side of anime. Maybe that isn't such a good thing.
  3. Anime review: Your Name

    A review of the award winning anime film "Your Name" or "Kimi No Na Wa." It is the latest film from award winning director Makoto Shinkai, released in 2016.
  4. Breaking Down Inuyashiki's Hiro Complex

    Despite a promising premise, Inuyashiki was a show that ultimately fell under the weight of its own expectations. You can blame that on Hiro. SPOILER WARNINGS up for the series finale.
  5. Devilman Crybaby Detox: How to Survive the Withdrawal Stage (Haters Welcome)

    Can't seem to scratch the itch Devilman Crybaby left behind? Whether you loved it or cursed the day it was birthed, here's a bunch of other things you can get into until the next big Netflix anime hit.
  6. Going Without Saying: The Problematic Morals of 'A Silent Voice'

    A Silent Voice is the newest animated movie to receive wide acclaim, but if you probe a little deeper, you may find some unsettling questions that remain unanswered. Spoiler warning up for key plot points and the film's ending.
  7. How Durarara!!x2 Restored My Faith in Anime

    A lofty claim, to be sure, but it’s no joke. Tonto-banchou pens a personal retrospective of the year that was, and recalls how Durarara!!x2 gave him a renewed interest in anime.
  8. In the Pocket: Finding the Right Groove in Gundam Thunderbolt's December Sky Movie

    A look (and listen) at the music choices used in Gundam Thunderbolt: December Sky. Written in tandem with the review @Kerberos made for the film.
  9. Skating Rinks and Chill: How A Guy Could Learn to Fall in Love with Yuri!!! on Ice

    Yessir, the hype is real. In the month of Eros, love is totally all we need – even if it can get a little nauseating at times.
  10. The Case of the Criminally-Underrated Onihei, Sleeper Agent of Winter 2017

    Onihei might be one of Winter 2017's most underrated series yet. Read on to see why you should be getting into this series now and giving it more love.
  11. The Five Things Mushishi Teaches Us About Life

    Mushishi is a special kind of anime that lets the viewer indulge in their own kind of zen. Like meditation and other sacred forms of alone time, watching the series can lead to some intense introspection on the state of man and the condition of life.
  12. The Rules of Brotherhood, According to Osomatsu-san

    Six reasons you need to get off your butt and watch the hit comedy series, Osomatsu-san - the story of six brothers who refuse to get off theirs.
  13. The Six Unlikely Things that Made You a Bleach Fan

    You were a Bleach fan too, huh? That's okay, I don't blame you. It doesn't look the part now, but there was a time Bleach seemed all set to be shonen’s undisputed King of Cool. Part 1/4 in Tonto-banchou’s Got Bleach? series.
  14. Tonto-banchou's Best Anime of 2017

    Several of our most prominent members look back at the year and the anime that made it into what it was for them. Capping off: Tonto-banchou
  15. What I Talk About When I Talk About Bleach

    True fans know when to criticize their favorites. With Bleach, the boundaries got tested every time, that when it ended... well, let's just say I wasn't about to throw a farewell party to send it off. Part 3/4 in Tonto-banchou’s Got Bleach? series.
  16. Yes, You Guys, Bleach Was Actually Good

    How, you ask? Let's count the ways. Part 2/4 in Tonto-banchou’s Got Bleach? series.
  17. You, Too, Can Be a Superhero! A Five-Step Guide, as Seen in Mob Psycho 100

    Always wanted to be a superhero but never knew the right way to do it? Let Mob show you the way. No spandex or itchy costumes required.
  18. Zankyou no Terror’s Handy Guide to Teenage Terrorism

    Terrorism is bad and no one should ever think to do it. But in case you've always wanted to try it out, here's a short guide to help get you started.