Replies on Comment by Kuze

  1. Kerberos
    I'm sure you'll like it. As I said, it's a class act throughand through, Also if you can get your hands on a dubbed version, I highly recommend that one over the sub. It turns a really good film...into an amazing one.
  2. Enies
    [USER=12]@Kerberos[/USER] is it a standalone movie do i need to watch anything else ?
  3. Kuze
    [USER=93]@Enies[/USER]. Genocidal Organ is standalone. You don't need to watch anything else.
  4. Enies
    inuyashiki i think is the best thing on the list though it should be 2018
  5. Kuze
    Nah, Inuyashiki aired 2017 Oct-Dec. It didn't even make it in my honorable mentions 2017 list tho. Good action, but overall average.