December/January Manga Club: Berserk

In this much belated manga club Kerberos and Pinky pour over a modern classic: the highly acclaimed fantasy epic: Berserk.
By Kerberos, Feb 16, 2018 | | |
  1. So due to a lack of suggestions for this month @Pinky The Blue Flamingo and I decided to go over one of my all time favourite manga, the immensely long but immensely rewarding: Berserk

    Also warning: this podcast contains a horrible rendition of Susumu Hirasawa's "Forces"

    Genre: fantasy
    Author: Kantaro Miura
    Number of volumes: 40 (39 available in English at this time of writing)
    Years published: 1989 - now

    Some corrections of factual inaccuracies mentioned during the cast:

    1. Miura never pitched Berserk to Shonen Jump. I had it confused with Attack on Titan which Hasayama did pitch to Shonen Jump only to be turned down by them before eventually landing his series at Bessatsu Shonen Magazine

    2. Berserk doesn't have over 40 volumes, it has exactly 40 volumes as of this writing

    3. The Golden Age arc doesn't start in volume 4 but rather at the tail end of volume 3.

    Special thanks to @Kuze for additional editing.
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  1. Kuze
    Just thought I'd point out that you put the Article under "Anime Articles" and not "Podcast"

  2. Oh Snape
    Miura can go eat a bag of dicks. Demonic dicks obviously. But dicks nontheless.

    Freakin hack.