Kuze's Most Anticipated Anime of Fall 2017

Members of our contributor team list the anime that they are most looking forward to from the upcoming Fall season. Behold Kuze's list.
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  1. In this series of articles, Sakuga City's contributor team list the anime that they are most looking forward to in the upcoming Fall season. First up: Kuze.

    Juuni Taisen (Juni Taisen: Zodiac War)


    Genre: Action, Thriller
    Studio: Graphinica
    Director: Naoto Hosoda
    Writer: Nisio Isin
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    Juni Taisen, a light novel penned by Nisio Isin whose more renowned works include the Monogatari novels and Kubikiri Saikuru, revolves around the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals (dragon, snake, goat, rat, tiger, ox, rabbit, horse, wolf, monkey, rooster, and boar) who take the form of warriors every 12 years to participate in a death game. The winner gets his/her one wish granted. To be declared the winner one must retrieve the poisoned jewel from each of his/her 11 opponents (said poisoned jewels are swallowed by every participant before the start of the battle royale and the poison is supposed to kill them after a 24 hour time frame). So time is the enemy as well.

    The very nature of the story demands it to be bloody and violent. But what I’m looking forward to are the characters. In a concept like this the character development often decides whether the anime will excel or swim in mediocrity. At the end of the show, it won’t the beautifully choreographed fights or the plot that’s going to leave an impression on the mind of the viewers. It’ll be the characters. It is going to be quite crucial as to how genuine or convincing these characters can be in such a bizarre setting. Shows of a similar nature often tend to assign a defined image to its characters without providing a backstory that is compelling enough. So it’ll be interesting to see what secrets each character will hold and how their personalities will shape their actions and decisions.

    Studio Graphinica will be heading the production. They’ve worked on Hellsing Ultimate and Chain Chronicle to name a few. Even though I have no idea regarding their previous works, it’s evident from the PV that the fights will be gorgeous to look at. Director Naoto Hosoda was previously in charge of Mirai Nikki and Shuffle! and has been involved with a lot of familiar titles as Key Animator or as part of the Storyboard. Oh, and did I mention that Do As Infinity and Hiroyuki Sawano are involved with the music. Always a plus, isn’t it?



    Action, Mystery
    Studio: MAPPA
    Director: Seong-Hu Park
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    Garo, it’s like Power Rangers but infinitely cooler. A really popular tokusatsu franchise in Japan, Garo tells the tale of a hero who transforms into a golden knight of shining armour to battle the demons of the netherworld. Compared to other kid friendly tokusatsu programs, Garo is darker and for a mature audience. To be honest, I had never heard of the franchise before the video of Vanishing Line came out. But the PV got me racing. From what I gather the series is going to emulate the Gold Storm movie of the Garo project where we find our protagonist Sword in a present day setting of Russell City (unlike its previous two iterations where the setting was medieval) fighting an “omen” that threatens to destroy the city.

    Now Studio Mappa rarely disappoints in terms of its production and choice of titles. But the 2nd season of Garo has been a low point in an otherwise glittering catalogue of shows. So let’s hope this fresher approach can work wonders for the series. MONACA will be returning to compose the music which, going by the PV, sounds nothing short of fantastic. The characters are visually engaging as well, especially the male protagonist. So, here’s hoping the anime packs a hefty punch and delivers an intriguing story with memorable personalities.

    Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World - the Animated Series


    : Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
    Studio: Lerche
    Director: Tomohisa Taguchi
    Writer: Keiichi Sigsawa
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    “Is this really happening?” is the question I asked myself when Mushishi got a new season a few winters back and here I find myself asking that question yet again. Kino no Tabi, a shining example of the good old anime days, can be summed up as a collection of societal parables encapsulating the shortcomings in human nature as seen through the eyes of Kino, a markswoman accompanied by a talking motorcycle named Hermes. In a sense, via the process of learning about the world they, in turn, learn more about themselves as well. The nostalgia will be brimming once I sit down for the first episode. There’s nothing like watching Kino and Hermes eating up the miles, against the backdrop of the setting sun, while engaged in idle/philosophical chat. It hasn’t been confirmed whether the show will be a re-telling of the 2003 series or it intends to present newer stories from the light novel. In any case, until October 6th I’ll be patiently holding my breath. o( ❛ᴗ❛ )o



    : Action, Sci-Fi, Psychological
    Studio: MAPPA
    Director: Keiichi Satou, Shuhei Yabuta
    Writer: Hiroya Oku
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    MAPPA seems to have their hands in everything good this season. From the author of GANTZ, Hiroya Oku, comes the big-daddy show of the fall 2017 anime season. I wouldn’t say it’s a narrative that’s overly complicated but definitely dark and graphic. Incidentally Oku was inspired by the Astro Boy movie while he was thinking of his new story. Our protagonist Inuyashiki Ichirou, a 58 year old man with a wife and two kids, learns that he has cancer and only a few months to live. But shit hits the fan soon after. Let’s not divulge any further. Oku manages to create a really thought provoking setting unique in its characters and their dilemmas. Given its underwhelming sales in Japan, I’m glad that this is getting the traction. The directors for the series will be Keiichi Satou and Shuuhei Yabuta, both associated with popular titles like Rage of Bahamut, Asura and No Game No Life to name a few. Plus Shuuhei Yabuta has worked as the “3D Director” for Attack on Titan and Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress. So Inuyashiki is in good hands. Themes like black and white morality or breaking out of the “Just A Machine” feeling will be key to how the plot unfolds. I’m definitely excited to see Grandpa Ichirou kick some ass in all his heroic-android glory.

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  1. Ya Boy Jack
    Definitely agree on Kino's Journey and Inuyashiki. I had heard about the original Kino's before, but I haven't gotten to watch it, and I completely forgot that Inuyashiki was even airing this season. I am officially pumped.
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    1. Kuze
      Kino is definitely worth an all~night binge watch. You should watch the old series if you're planning to pick up the upcoming one.