May Manga Club : Arte

Pinky the Blue Flamingo and Kerberos discuss the first volume of Arte in this installment of the monthly Manga Club podcast feature.
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  1. The manga club does it again, bringing you another unique series with fun perspectives!

    This months cast is Hosted by @Pinky The Blue Flamingo, with @Kerberos, together they will be covering first impressions and initial thoughts on the Historical manga Arte!

    Genre: Historical, Seinen
    Author: Kei Ohkubo
    Number of volumes published: 17 chapters
    Year(s) published: 2015 - 2016

    Special Thanks to...
    @Kuze for final edits and cleanup, and @Sora Senpai for doing the outro!

    About Author

    Pinky The Blue Flamingo
    In between college stress and snuggling her birbs Pinky enjoys sharing her persectives on anime and manga.
    Thanks for checking this piece out!
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