Sakuga City's Best Anime of 2016!!! (part 1)

Four prominent members of the community count down their favourite shows of the year and what made these shows stand out for them.
By Kerberos, Dec 31, 2016 | |
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  1. Interest1ng
  2. Shannon Apple
    "Can't believe someone gave you guys 1 star"
    Good read guys. It's certainly missing my own favourite titles from this year, but I hadn't watched as many as you guys. XD.
  3. DamianWinters
    "No My Hero Academia I rate 0/10"
    Nah but seriously good work guys :p, was a good read. Though Heavy object as a number 1 really surprised me because I haven't even managed to finish the show.
  4. Kuze
    "Great work guys."