Spring 2017 anime podcast - part 1

Kerberos, Sora Senpai, Pinky the Blue Flamingo, Narilka and Neon Walrus go over all the new shows this spring season.
By Kerberos, Apr 22, 2017 | |
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    Join @Kerberos, @Sora Senpai, @Pinky The Blue Flamingo @Narilka and @Neon Walrus as they go over all the new anime airing this spring.

    Click HERE for Part 1 of the Spring 2017 Anime Podcast

    00.01.01: Intro
    00.01.55: My Hero Academia - Season 1(@Sora Senpai )
    00.04.39: Attack on Titan - season 2 (Everyone)
    00.22.40: Granblue Fantasy - the animation (@Pinky The Blue Flamingo @Narilka )
    00.34.23: Brief intermezzo
    00.35.15: Alice and Zoroku (@Kerberos)
    00.40.18: The Laughing Salesman (@Narilka @Pinky The Blue Flamingo )
    00.48.54: Frame Arms Girl
    00.50.00: Starmyu
    00.52.42: Akashic - Record of Bastard Magic Instructor (@Sora Senpai )

    00.58.38: The Royal Tutor
    01.01.26: Saekano - season 2 (@Sora Senpai )

    Special thanks to @Kuze for his help with editing, brilliant outtro and uploading
    Feedback from our members is most welcome. :)

    Edit from the author: with the exception of the big red one which is clearly highlighted as a link, none of the other links are actual links. Despite my continuous and desperate attempts to undo these links it's turned out to be impossible to remove it. Our apologies for this technical glitch. We hope to fix this very soon.
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