Spring 2017 anime podcast - part 3

Kerberos, Sora Senpai, Pinky the Blue Flamingo and Neon Walrus go over all the new shows this spring season.
By Kerberos, Apr 22, 2017 | |
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    Join @Kerberos, @Sora Senpai @Pinky The Blue Flamingo and @Neon Walrus as they go over all the new shows airing this spring.

    Click HERE for Part Three of the Spring Anime Podcast

    00.01.14: Love Tyrant (@Sora Senpai )
    00.08.56: Hinako Note (@Pinky The Blue Flamingo )
    00.12.22: Kabukibu (@Sora Senpai )
    00.15.50: Twin Angels BREAK
    00.16.50: Berserk - season 2 (@Kerberos @Neon Walrus )
    00.25.45: Re-Creators (@Neon Walrus @Kerberos )
    00.38.40: Rage of Bahamut - Virgin Soul (@Kerberos )

    Special thanks to @Kuze for his help with editing, brilliant outtro and uploading.
    Feedback from other members is very welcome. :)
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