Summer 2017 Anime Podcast - Part 3

Kerberos, Sora Senpai, Gaff, Neon Walrus, and Pinky the Blue Flamingo go over the new shows this summer.
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  1. Time is as follows:

    00.02.10: Made in Abyss (Kerberos, Gaff, Pinky The Blue Flamingo )
    00.26.44: Hajimete no Gal (Neon Walrus, Pinky The Blue Flamingo, Gaff )
    00.33.48: Gamers! (Pinky The Blue Flamingo, Kerberos, Neon Walrus, Sora Senpai )
    00.57.50: New Game - season 2 (Sora Senpai)
    01.00.15: In Another World With My Smartphone! (Sora Senpai, Neon Walrus )
    01.08.30: Chronos Ruler (Kerberos )


    Special thanks to @Kuze for his help with editing, brilliant outtro and uploading
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