Summer 2017 Anime Podcast - Part 4

Kerberos, Sora Senpai, Neon Walrus, and Pinky the Blue Flamingo go over the new shows this summer.
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  1. Time is as follows:

    00.01.33: Princess Prinicipal (Sora Senpai)
    00.10.20: High School of the Elite (Sora Senpai)
    00.19.10: A Centaur's Life (Pinky The Blue Flamingo, Sora Senpai, Neon Walrus, Kerberos)
    00.32.05: Hell Girl - season 4 (Neon Walrus )
    00.39.23: Angel's 3Piece (Sora Senpai, Pinky The Blue Flamingo)
    00.48.22: Action Heroine Cheer Fruits! (Sora Senpai)
    00.56.20: The Podcast Crew Recommendations for Summer 2017

    This is the Final Part of our 2017 Cast! Unfortunately, due to time constraints and other issues, we could not include our segment on the shorts like we usually do, Still, We hope you enjoyed our summer podcast and we look forward to seeing you again in the fall!

    Happy listening, and as always feel free to leave your thoughts down below, we love hearing from everyone =)


    Special thanks to @Kuze for his help with editing, brilliant outtro and uploading.

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