Summer 2017: Sakuga City's Most Anticipated Anime (Part One)

Our members run through a list of their most anticipated anime for the Summer 2017 anime season.
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  1. We asked our contributor team here at Sakuga City to tell us the anime that they are most looking forward to in the upcoming Summer 2017 season and why. Some of these anime start airing tomorrow, July 1st. If you were wondering what you should start with, these lists might help you make your mind up.

    In part one, Sora Senpai and Kuze outline and explain their choices:

    Sora Senpai's List

    1. Centaur no Nayami

    Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, Supernatural, Fantasy, Seinen
    Studio: Haoliners Animation League
    Source: Manga


    The Monster Girl trend seems to be getting stronger and stronger. When you look at when the Manga was started back in 2010 this was in a category of it's own. Now there's humanoid monster/monster based anime mainly every season.

    I'm always intrigued by these kinds of anime because I honestly do not know what direction they will take. So for instance this seems to be a World with nothing but monsters in it. You can basically just classify this as a regular Slice of Life anime but again with Monsters. That adds that little something extra and makes it more intriguing to watch. What are our main heroines like?, what other monsters will be in the anime? what could possibly go on in these girls lives which makes for an enjoyable anime? Plus they're freaking adorable, especially that DEVIL!

    2. Gamers!

    Genre: Comedy, Romance, School.
    Studio: Pine Jam
    Source: Light Novel


    Just off the characters the show reminds me of Kokoro Connect. Granted that was a completely different style of anime but I feel as though the romantic aspect can still be used in this anime. An anime based around Anime, Manga, or Videogame Clubs have yet to disappoint me (Genshiken, D-Fragments, Stella no Mahou etc). In most of these types of anime I feel like they can really grasp the situations these characters go though and how they can relate to problems people face on a daily basis. Whether it in the job industry or in school. There's not much I know about this anime but I am always a sucker for Rom-Coms. Side Note: From past favorites I already know Chiaki will be my #1 but we shall see if that changes.

    3. Koi to Uso

    Genre: Drama, Romance, School.
    Studio: LIDENFILMS
    Source: Manga


    Another Romance anime but this one has a little bit of a twist. In a country where Love is basically forbidden your marriage partner is chosen at the ripe age of sixteen. Our main Protagonist Yukari Nejima is basically a loser. In the sense that he does not excel at Athletics or Academics. That's an intriguing factor for me because what really is he good at? They don't discuss more about him in any synopsis other then he falls in love. Which makes things even more interesting, not only because love is forbidden but will he marriage partner be able to love him as well. I would assume this will be a love triangle at some point but again what I am most intrigued by is how Yukari develops as a character.

    4. Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart

    Genre: Comedy, ECCHI
    Studio: ???
    Source: Visual Novel


    Ahhh your Ecchi based anime of the season. This one is based off of the Adult Visual Novel. This will be my get away anime of the season from more of the serious shows out there. Wagamama High Spec is the anime I will compare it to.

    5. Tsurezure Children

    Genre: Comedy, Romance, School, Shounen
    Studio: Studio Gokumi
    Source: 4-koma manga


    The synopsis made it more interesting at first. I thought it would have more of a dark and serious side to it, and it still might but really I think it will be more of a joke filled romance more then anything else. Which I'm okay with as well. The cast for this anime is outstanding and if anything I'm looking forward to that the most.

    6. Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e

    Genre: Romance, School, Comedy.
    Studio: Lerche
    Source: Light Novel


    Right from the synopsis it reminds me of Baka and Test. However I feel like it will take a more serious route then Baka andTtest. IE not fighting with cute chibi characters and actually just fighting, I could be wrong, but there are a few things which intrigue me about this anime. One is Lerche. The studio which has yet to disappoint me animation wise in any anime yet. Two are the characters and the voice actors for the characters. Seems to be a new cast of actors and I'm interested in how well they can bring their characters to life. Third is actually the school uniforms, I think they're pretty damn cool looking.


    Kuze's List

    1. Saiyuuki Reload Blast

    Genre: action, adventure, supernatural
    Studio: Platinum Vision (link)
    Source: manga


    If you’ve been a consumer of this sub-culture for the past decade or more, chances are you’ve heard of the title Sayuuki more than once. With works spread across two decades (including 3 anime seasons, OVAs, anime films and a manga series whose very first edition dates back to 1997), Sayuuki is known to have a prominent fan base. The plot revolves around four “anti-hero-like” heroes who, under the guidance of the Sanbutsushin, strive to maintain the fragile peace that exists between the demons and humans and prevent the coming of an ancient evil that seeks to destroy this balance. Simply put, imagine the male leads from Getbackers. Now mix some Black Lagoon-esque action into it. Sprinkle some demon-concepts from Inuyasha and you’ve pretty much figured out what the outline of the show could be. I’ve put all my money…I mean expectations on this show to be the standout of the upcoming summer season. Even though I’m having “Gangsta summer 2015” flashbacks, I imagine the action should be on point. The director and studio have worked together on Servamp before this project. If you’ve taken a slight interest in this title or want to experience what Sayuuki is all about, I’d recommend you to read the manga first. Check out the PV below.

    2. Jigoku Shoujo Yoi no Togi

    Genre: horror, psychological, mystery, supernatural
    Studio: Studio Deen (link)
    Source: Original


    Our near and dear Enma Ai is back again, straight from the depths of hell. The misery, the helplessness, the revenge continues with a fourth season of this genre-defying series, popularly known as Hell Girl. For those living under a rock, Hell Girl depicts the story of people seeking revenge through the Hell Correspondence, a mysterious website that can only be accessed at midnight. Once you’ve entered the name of the person you wish death upon, you’ll be visited by Ai Enma who’ll grant you your wish and ferry the person to Hell, but there’s a catch. While you lay on your deathbed, she will come for you and drag you to Hell as well. As the saying goes, “when seeking revenge, first dig two graves”.

    Hell Girl is a standout show of the previous decade, an ingenious take on social commentary depicting the shortcomings of human beings. Plus it had the visuals and soundtrack that managed to elevate the premise of the show. So for people looking to refresh their nostalgia, this should be a wonderful opportunity. There will be 6 “reminiscence episodes” which might help people who are new to the series to get a better grasp of what’s unfolding onscreen. Even so, the basic structure of the show has remained the same throughout the previous 3 seasons, so it shouldn’t be much of a problem for people starting directly from Season 4. The project has a managed to retain the same director, Omori Takahiro for season 4. Takahiro is associated with directing popular shows like Baccano, Durarara, Haibane Renmei and Natsume’s Book of Friends. His list of works is amazing. In all earnest, I’d definitely recommend fans of horror anime to give it a go this upcoming season.

    3. Ballroom e Youkoso

    Genre: Drama, Comedy, Sports, Romance
    Studio: Production I.G (link)
    Source: manga


    If you thought Yuri on Ice had the best moves, wait till you watch “Ballroom e Youkoso” (Welcome to the Ballroom). The show with the eye-catching dances, the best smiles and the outrageous eyebrows. The poster boy of the 2017 summer anime season that’s bound to get your feet tapping. We follow our protagonist Fujita, an aimless high-schooler with no purpose or interest in things, who is introduced to ballroom dancing through an unfortunate turn of events. Will Fujita find his purpose in the world of competitive dance? Tune in to find out. The manga has garnered strongly positive reviews and with Production I.G at the helm, what can possibly go wrong? The material promises an interesting posse of characters and synchronized, fiery encounters on the dance floor while Fujita is busy learning the ropes and working hard to quickly establish himself as a dependable part of the team. Check out the PV below.

    4. Made In Abyss

    Genre: Sci-fi, Fantasy, Drama, Adventure
    Studio: Kinema Citrus (link)
    Source: web manga


    Remember that feeling when you were a kid? Exploring new places and the thrill that came with it? Snooping around in the garden looking for new insects or going down three blocks down from your home all alone to find out what stores there were? Or maybe you weren’t that kid. Anyway, in our story the Abyss is an unchartered cave system inhabited by unimaginable creatures and is the abode of ancient mysteries unknown to modern man. Our protagonist Rico is a little orphan from the town of Oosu who, in the hopes of becoming a successful explorer like her mother, decides to explore this “Abyss”. The adventure starts off from there. Initial reviews from premiere screenings of the first episode are highly positive. As you’ll see from the PV below, the animation is genuinely adorable, with a Ghibli feel to it. The source material is fantastic. It reminds one of the ancient creatures of the popular Ghibli titles. Even the subject matter has that cheerful feel about it. From the studio that brought you Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 and Barakamon, comes a heart-warming tale that might completely surprise you (it looks the part anyway).

    5. Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun

    Genre: Comedy, Sports
    Studio: Studio Hibari (link)
    Source: manga


    Is it me or did the number of sports anime just break-even compared to other genres pre-2016? Is this the Tokyo 2020 effect? Anyways, my initial reaction to Aoyama- kun was a dash of excitement. Football anime are few and far between and whenever a show is announced, my heart goes into extra time. But having looked into the source, it is my opinion that this show is more comedy-centric. The story follows Aoyama, who’s apparently a soccer genius and captains the Japanese youth team. However he is obsessed with “cleanliness”; so obsessed that he won’t tackle his man or take a throw in so as to keep his kit clean. The plot might try to make the best of its school life setting and idiosyncratic individuals but I feel it’ll lack that passion that we’re well accustomed to when it comes to a football anime. So if you’re willing to give a comedy-heavy football anime a shot, then be sure to write this down on your summer “to-watch” list. You just might fall in love with a few of its characters.

    6. Karada Sagashi

    Genre: Horror, School
    Studio: Production I.G (link)
    Source: manga


    If you’ve been keeping up with mini-format horror anime shows (you know, the 3-4 min per episode routine), you are well aware that most titles are miss or miss. The only exception being Yamishibai. So when I.G. picks up, or should I say bankrolls, such a project one can’t help but question, “maybe the material is good enough”? As per the summary, the story involves Asuka and her friends, who are desperately searching for the missing body parts of a certain dead person. If they fail, a strange creature will kill one of them and the day will be repeated. Sounds interesting right? Now there isn’t any PV available as of the time I’m writing this, so there is no confirmation as to how the animation will be. But just like every season, I’ll be tuning in for the first episode to measure the show up. So should you. Maybe, just maybe, this time things will be different, or scarier.

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