The "Blossom Detective Holmes" Pilot Is Short, Delightful

Fans of Netflix’s smash hit series Voltron: Legendary Defender have something new to agonize waiting over... Blossom Detective Holmes and it is...
  1. The "Blossom Detective Holmes" Pilot Is Short, Delightful

    Fans of Netflix’s smash hit series Voltron: Legendary Defender have something new to agonize waiting over. Steve Ahn, who storyboarded and directed several episodes of the show (and also worked on The Legend of Korra, among many, many others), has premiered the pilot to his personal project, Blossom Detective Holmes and it is just the cutest.

    The pilot gives us a tiny, tiny glimpse of Ahn’s vision: an upbeat, almost-fantastical take on the Sherlock Holmes mythos that isn’t afraid to get a little gritty. Here Sherlock is Skylar Holmes, an energetic tomboy with the almost supernatural gift of super smell while this version of Watson takes the form of Jamie, a photographer of sorts with a magical camera that can teleport anyone in the frame to a location of Jamie’s choosing. Together, the pair solve mysteries and chase down baddies. And though the pilot is brief (less than 5 minutes long) and offers little in the way of concrete details, it has done its job in building interest. The brief glimpse into Ahn's vision is enjoying a lot of positive press and it seems only a matter of time before a producer somewhere picks it up.​
    While little is divulged in the pilot, there are some small touches that are generating excitement for the upcoming mini-series. Anyone who follows Steven Ahn on social media, for example, has been watching him share information on his new project for months now as well as official artwork. Some such artwork features Skylar’s silhouette in profile with a flower instead of a pipe, which at first most thought was just an adorable spin on the character for novelty's sake. The pilot, however, reveals that the blossom has a very practical use for Skylar: she pops it into her mouth when she’s overpowered with an objectionable smell so that she can concentrate. It’s cute as all hell and, to the surprise of most, actually practical.
    Another fun bit from the pilot: a quick but clear homage to Hayao Miyazaki’s work on The Castle of Cagliostro:

    Fun stuff!

    Steve Ahn, who is in the ludicrously busy position of being the show runner, storyboard artist, and primary animator for the pilot, began Blossom with the express intent of making an animated television show with a more mature audience in mind. Wishing to bypass conventional TV entry points in North American television, who typically balk at the very idea of funding cartoons with mature themes in them, Ahn quit his day job and pursued the short independently with the assistance of his friends from the industry. It’s an exciting development, especially since we’re already enjoying a new golden age of animated content. If successful, Blossom Detective Holmes could help usher in a brand new era of animated television intended expressly for adults.

    You’ve still got lots of time to see the pilot yourself. Head over to Steve Ahn’s official website and sign up for the free online screening which ends on December 31st.

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