The Six Unlikely Things that Made You a Bleach Fan

You were a Bleach fan too, huh? That's okay, I don't blame you. It doesn't look the part now, but there was a time Bleach seemed all set to be...
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  1. StrawHats
    "Urahara fan here"
    Nailed it with the 11th division. Ikkaku was a big part of why I liked the division.

    Would have given 5/5, but it needed more Urahara.

    (it won't let me post unless my "review must [have] at least 250 characters," so I'm writing this unecessary part of the post to meeeeeeeeeeeet
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    1. Tonto-banchou
      Think Urahara would have upstaged the whole thing if I put more of him here, heh. Thanks for reading!