Winter 2017 anime podcast (part 1)

Kerberos, Gaff, Narilka, NeonWalrus, Pinky the Blue Flamingo and Sora Senpai take a close look at the new anime of this winter season.
By Kerberos, Jan 31, 2017 | | |
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    This is the first ever seasonal anime podcast by members of Sakuga City. Hosted by @Kerberos, he is joined by @Narilka, @Sora Senpai, @Pinky The Blue Flamingo, @Gaff, and @Neon Walrus.

    This podcast is in three parts, the first of which is linked here. Enjoy!

    –>Click HERE for Part One of the Winter 2017 Anime Podcast <–

    03.30: ACCA click for anime info
    10.28: Akiba's Trip - the animation click for anime info
    23.30: Blue Exorcist click for anime info
    24.26: Chain Chronicle click for anime info
    25.19: Chaos;Child click for anime info
    30.21: Interviews with Monster Girls click for anime info
    43.06: Fuuka click for anime info
    47.35: Gabriel Dropout click for anime info
    49.46: Handshakers click for anime info

    Special thanks to @KT Samurai, @Shannon Apple and @Novaire for their support and useful feedback
    Major special thanks to @Kuze for his help with editing, brilliant outtro and uploading part 1.

    Part 2 will be up shortly! Stay tuned!

    As this is our very first podcast (3 parts) we do apologise for the minor issues with sound quality.

    Feedback from other members is very welcome. :)

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  1. StrawHats
    "Nice background chatter while studying"
    I listen to podcasts during a plane ride or while studying. Thank you for the content.
  2. OctalKey
    "Sakugacity Podscast is lovely"
    Sucks I can't rewind.
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    1. Kerberos
      That's super weird. I have no trouble rewinding.
  3. Interest1ng
    Kerberos likes this.


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  1. Kuze
    Hand Shakers AOTY.