Winter 2018 Anime Podcast - part 3

Sora Senpai, Pinky The Blue Flamingo and Kerberos discuss all the new anime series of this winter season.
By Kerberos, Jan 29, 2018 | |
  1. This second half of the winter 2018 anime podcasts sees (or rather hears) @Sora Senpai, @Pinky The Blue Flamingo, and yours truly discussing the remainder of the anime airing this season.

    00.00.50: Beatless (Sora Senpai )
    00.08.00: Dame x Prince - Anime Caravan
    00.08.10: Darling in the Franxx (Pinky The Blue Flamingo Kerberos )
    00.27.03: Death March to the Parallel World - Raphsody (Sora Senpai )
    00.39.40: Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens (Kerberos )
    00.47.54: hakumei & Mikochi (Pinky The Blue Flamingo )
    00.53.15: Hakyu Hoshin Engi

    Special thanks to @Kuze for his help with editing, brilliant outtro and excellent choice of thumbnail.
    Feedback from our members is most welcome. :)
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