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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Teg, Jan 3, 2018.

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    Age of Empires is one of those old-school strategy-type games. It required you to farm wood, food, ore, stone, gold, etc., build an empire and massive army, and destroy your enemies. As luck would have it, a new version of the game is being released in December of 2018. Totally remastered plus a new expansion!

    Did anyone play the old age of empires? How did you like it? Would you play the new one?
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    Nope. Not this one.

    I used to play Evony though, which stole a load of code from Civilization. In turn, most of these newer strategy games are based on Evony's model. I quit playing because Age 1 became a bot game and was no longer centered around strategy. I was a top player at one point, so I was definately not pissed off because people were better. They weren't. I was one of the best defenders on the server and leader of the number 1 alliance. Some of the biggest hitters came after me and none of them could get past my ability on defense. LOL! That was a load of fun before the botting ruined it. Tony aka Wildstar used to play with me in the same clan. One major design flaw of the game was that if someone hit you while offline and took the city that had your main hero, you might as well quit the game. Your hero got xp from hitting NPCs, the higher the level, the faster you could build troops. My hero was in the top 50 because I'd been building it for years. lol. People had to share log ins and watch reports to prevent someone losing their main hero.

    Botters just set up literally 50-100 accounts on bots to feed one account and grow massive armies. The developers knew about this and refused to ban the bots because they were both botting and paying money. Eventually, we merged up clans and I was able to move away from the responsibility of being in leadership. First vice leader and then moving down to a regular player so that I could quit without upsetting my clan. XD.

    I found out some years later, that some people were still playing on that server, but all of the ones left had issues. Some of them even bought more computers to run more bots on to feed their habit. Hahaha! Like seriously? Get a life.

    That's why I don't play these types of games anymore. The people who play them are insane. I play a very casual one on Facebook that I don't have to log into everyday. I can just pick up where I left off after a year if it went by that. Your troops don't desert if you run out of grain/food either. lol.

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