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    thanks shanigami.

    im familiar with the transporter deal you're talking about . it was even discussed in the excellent UNIVERSE series that was on the history channel a few years backs.
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    you're welcome.

    If anyone else reading this happens to be interested in the teleportation stuff, here's a link to a comic I saw that explains it pretty well:
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    Oh the fun never stops does it? I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy this 10x more. Also I doff my hat to you sir, the great Houchu Ohtsuka. His vioce acting really has brought life into Sato. I can recognize this man's voice anywhere now.

    King Records began streaming a promotional video for the original anime bundled with the 10th volume of Gamon Sakurai's Ajin - Demi-Human manga on Thursday. The video previews the anime's plot, which focuses on Satō's past in the Marine Corps, and how he became an Ajin. Houchu Ohtsuka reprises his role as Satō. Kenta Miyake also stars in the anime.

    Polygon Pictures will again produce the anime. Hiroyuki Seshita will again serve as chief director, and Hiroaki Ando will again direct the anime. Hiroshi Seko will return to write the script.

    The limited edition of the 10th volume is slated for April 7, and will retail for 3,600 yen (about US$31).

    Further read: here
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