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    Got a belated Christmas present (New Year present?) for you Star Wars fans out there:

    Usually, I don't care much for fan films because even with a high budget, they tend to look amateurish and cheap. But this one grabbed my attention immediately. It looks way more entertaining than any Star Wars film I've seen in the past... let's see, *counts fingers* Force Awakens came out 2015, so... last three years!

    This isn't your millennials' Anakin that whines about sand like a little brat, this is your grandfather's badass Vader who... well, you'll see in the video. The film shows why Vader is the epic villain that commands everyone's attention for many generations.

    I think what's particularly amazing is the accuracy of the voices. It felt pretty much like watching a real Star Wars film. From the cinematography to the editing, how the transitions cut away like that, it all feels pretty authentic. Furthermore, that ending, when the film title appeared. Man, if only the real 'Episode One' was like this. I think Star Wars would have been an even greater impact.
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