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    A town in the northern Kanto region of Japan, Binan City. Binan High School’s The Earth Defense Club (laugh) is still known as the ‘Do Nothing Club’…

    Club members are Kyotaro Shuzenji, Ryoma Kirishima, Nanao Wakura, Taishi Manza and Ichiro Dogo. They are part of a club, which just enjoys a tea break nonchalantly, chatter away silly talks and don’t even make one sen (hundredth of 1 yen) profit.

    After school, they all move to Kurotamayu. It feels too good to sink in hot water, but when Kirishima pulled Shuzenji out of the water, they caught a beautiful boy with a strange appearance.

    ‘I am the first prince of Honyaraland, Karurusu! I came to reign happily over you☆’

    And so the five The Earth Defense Club members get caught up in the battle for the succession of Honyaraland…

    (Source: Manga.Tokyo)


    Official site: here

    Twitter: here

    This one is currently airing on Crunchyroll: here

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