Discussion Blizzard Bans player Blitzchung for Hong Kong Protest.

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Shannon Apple, Oct 9, 2019.

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    Read here: https://www.engadget.com/2019/10/08/blizzard-bans-hearthstone-player-for-hong-kong-protest/

    Not sure how many of you have been following this, but I'm a Hearthstone player myself and like to watch some of the pro tournaments. While I 100% agree with Blitzchung on his stance on Hong Kong, I don't agree with how he decided to protest. When he did that on a Heartstone videocast, he involved Blizzard. A lot of companies have anti-politics rules to avoid being forced to take a side. You'll see the same rules in many sporting events too. You can't blame them for that as sporting events usually don't have borders on who can take part.

    People on the internet are being a little malicious about the whole thing imo. People are now saying that Blizzard support genocide and all that malarkey, but from an objective point of view, going against their own rules and publicly siding with Blitzchung would have meant a Chinese ban for Hearthstone, possibly all Blizzard games and the Chinese players wouldn't have been able to participate in the tournament anyway, including Blitzchung. Blizzard would lose the Chinese market. In an ideal world a big corporation would care more about humans than money, but meh, that's not real life. The real problem for me is the harshness of it it all. No, they shouldn't have revoked his prize money, but suspending him from the rest of the tournament would probably have been warranted if he knowingly broke the rules. They didn't have to give him a full 12 month ban.

    I wonder what most of those people going nuts online would do if they were CEO of a company with a massive stake in the Chinese market. Would they say "to hell with it," and pull out of China giving way to their competitors? Then lay off countless workers and scale back their business from Asia? I doubt it. Gods Unchained have stepped up now claiming that they would never do this... but would they, would they really? They're no where near as big as Hearthstone, so they weren't in that position to begin with. Fair play to them for taking advantage of a marketing opportunity to syphon players though. All big corporations are the same. They don't exactly get where they are by being 100% moral. I think most of us understand that, and shouldn't forget it.

    I think the issue, from the above Engadget article is that the wording in the contract wasn't a blanket "no political speech during tournaments" and so was open to interpretation. So perhaps a slap on the wrist and redefining of their rules might have been sufficient. They cut ties with the two interviewers as well, which was quite harsh, and in my opinion, uncalled for.

    As for China... It is time that governments across the world started standing up to China. They get away with far too much, and we are enabling them by trading with them on the scale that we are. Some game company can't be expected to make a difference there. All they would do is ban them and that would be the end of it. I don't support Blizzard in this, just looking at it objectively. Change needs to start from the top. The world needs to let China know that their treatment of it's citizens is not going unnoticed. All one has to do is look up what is happening to Uighur muslims. The world is sitting back and letting China dictate. They are free to ban companies like Blizzard from trading there for one political statement if they so wish, but we continue with to trade freely with China and buy their cheap crap knowing full well that they have the upper hand. =(
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    Fuck the CPC.

    Also, Blizzard.
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