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    Series: Canaan

    Original Run: July 4 2009-September 26 2009

    Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

    Director: Masahiro Ando

    Writer: Mari Okada

    Studio: P.A. Works

    Number of Episodes: 13



    A secret terrorist group called Snake tries to curry favor with the political power brokers of the world with the aid of the Ua (rhymes with Ebola) virus. Canaan has been hired by a secret client to eliminate Alphard, the head of the Snake. Apparently Canaan has a personal vendetta against Alphard which further strengthens her resolve. The Anti-Terrorism Meeting is set as the center stage where these two heavyweights will go head to head but wait; in jumps Maria, a budding photographer sent to cover the Anti-Terrorism Meeting. Thus the story revolves around how these three cross each other’s path and the adventures that unfold thereafter.

    Personal Opinion

    First impressions are really important and Canaan managed to grip my attention from the very first episode but upon its completion it became just another anime to me. However its failure to live up to my expectations doesn't necessarily downgrade its quality. Though it promises of great potential but fails to deliver, it still is a decent show. I've subdivided my analysis into different categories to efficiently highlight the pros and cons of the show.


    Canaan’s story-line is bound to draw contrasting opinions. It suffers from some serious shortfalls, the prime being incorporating more than one central theme but failing to harmonize them so as to bring about a positive growth to the series. It lacked clarity and direction. The Ua virus outbreak, the gripping rivalry between Alphard and Canaan and the Yuri relationship between Maria and Canaan, the plot tried to give equal importance to each concept and it did a brave job at the initial stages but as the series progressed the balance was broken. However, being a 13 episode series it did reasonably well to knit together some smart ideas and bow out with a decent ending.

    Another flaw was the restricted growth of certain sub-plots. Certain seeds were sown but the writers forgot to water them. They were abandoned midway through the series. Personally I was hoping that they would extend the story around the Ua virus and the powers it granted to the infected but being a short series that would have been suicide.

    Finally the lack of proper back- stories of certain secondary characters really made it difficult to analyze their involvement in the center stage. Being a character-driven series, the lack of proper insight into these characters was a bit surprising

    Now that we’re done with the negatives let’s get to the part where I’m going to shower some praise.

    The action was a definite standout. The scenes where Alphard and Canaan engaged against each other had my undivided attention.

    All the characters were efficiently used to overshadow the weak plot and improve the overall quality of the show.

    The bits of comic relief were a welcome change from all the gunshots and clash of egos.


    The animation was gentle to the eye. Special mention goes to the level of detailing and color that was implemented in the festival scenes.

    Music and Dubbing

    Nothing to write home about except for the sublime ending song. The background music during certain fight scenes was also a treat.

    Take a peek:


    The quality of the dub version was top notch. The voice actors did a wonderful job to bring to light the emotions of the characters.



    The importance of secondary characters, in this series, cannot be undermined at all. Instead of being carried around as baggage they play vital roles in directing the flow of the show. They leave a notable impression on the audience, besides aiding the primary characters in achieving their goals.

    Now, we shift our focus towards the primary characters, the queens of the show so to speak. The whole series revolves around Canaan, Alphard and Maria.

    If you’re looking for a cold-hearted, calculating mercenary capable of impressing with her looks as well as talent then Alphard would be a good choice. A firm, strong and egoistic character, Alphard is certain to captivate you.

    Canaan is like a coconut. She is tough on the outside but encapsulates deep feelings of companionship. Killing with ruthless precision yet having ice-cream with Maria the next instant, you won’t find another hit man like her; and finally we come to Maria. Referred to as Canaan’s light she really brings about a sense of lightheartedness to the series. She acts as Canaan’s driving force and spreads her warmth to everyone around her.


    Go watch it and decide for yourself. I'd definitely rate it as an above-average anime.

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