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    Chatroom Rules & Regulations

    PG13 Chatroom
    • No ecchi, no hentai, no porn – no sexually suggestive imagery – ever.
    • No excessively or graphically violent imagery.
    • No excessive swearing. The odd "F" bomb, or whatever, here and there is totally fine.
    • No Bigotry. Offensive slurs will not be tolerated.
    No Illegal Content
    • No sharing of illegal content like fansubs and scanlations.
    • No links to websites that host illegal content. Link only to official sources.
    • For a full list of legal streaming sites click here.
    Keep The Community Safe
    • Harassment, threats, and general antagonistic behavior will not be tolerated.
    • No shortened urls. Shortened urls will be considered malicious content.
    • If users are concerned about predatory behaviour, please report directly to an administrator. Either KT Samurai or Shannon Apple
    • DO NOT impersonate mods or admins in the chatroom.
    No Flooding
    • Posting the same thing over and over, or flooding the chat for attention may result in a kick or a ban. Use common sense.
    No Unauthorized Advertising
    • No posting ad links in the chatroom. You will get banned.
    No Spoilers
    • Do not post spoilers in the chatroom. Ever.


    Please do not argue with chat moderators. They are there to make the chatroom fair and fun for everyone.

    Bear in mind that chat logs are recorded. Even if a mod isn't present at the time that an incident occurs, we can check back on those logs if there is a report. Severe offenses may not only result in a chat ban, but an accompanying forum account suspension.
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