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    Don't know if anybody watched this show when season 1 aired. It wasn't terribly well received by critics and not exactly a ratings hit but I really liked it and felt it did things I hadn't really seen a sci fi drama touch on before. So I'm definitely looking forward to season 2.

    Here's the basic premise: In the near future aliens have invaded our world and taken over control. In future LA Aliens run the city with the help of civilians, Nobody has ever seen thse aliens however as they all act through the use of government officials. Meanwhile a resistace movement attempts to make one last stand for humanity through increasingly violent terrorist activites. The lead duo of the show is a couple. The husband is a law enforcer collaborating with the government and charged with rooting out the resistance at the root. The wife is officially a bar-owner but unbeknowst to her husband is actually a member of the resistance. Through the perspective of these two leads and their actions and experiences we get to witness a world that isn;t so balck and white. Where collaborators can be good people and resistance member can commit attrocious acts. It's a show that's every bit as much about topical issues in our society today as it is about aliens and future tech.

    It stars Josh Holloway (Lost) as the husband, Sarah Wayne Callies (TWD) as the wife, Peter Jacobson (House) as governor of the Los Angeles Block. And season 2 will also star Ally Walker (profiler) as a high ranking government official liasing directly between the aliens and the city government.

    Here's a trailer for season 2:

    Season 2 of Colony will premiere thursday january 12 on the USA Network

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