Romance Dame×Prince ANIME CARAVAN

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    Dame×Prince ANIME CARAVAN

    Genre: Romance, Adventure

    Studio: Studio Flad

    Source: Visual Novel

    Licensor: Sentai Filmworks

    Air Date: January 10, 2018


    Ani, a princess from the minor nation of Inaco, has been sent to the signing ceremony in Selenfalen, meant to bring peace to the nations of Milidonia, a mighty military country, and Selenfalen, a powerful theocracy. Upon entering the site of the ceremony, Ani meets the Selenfalen prince Ruze, so beautiful she almost mistakes him for a girl. Ruze has a calm demeanor, but their conversation soon devolves into confusion. A bewildered Ani is then met with the sound of an explosion. The door blows away with a bang, and in walk some even stranger princes.

    (Source: Anime News Network)


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