Fantasy December Manga-Club Announcement Thread

Discussion in 'Manga' started by Kerberos, Dec 21, 2017.

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    So after a unusually long hiatus here's finally the announcement for the december manga-club podcast (which will happen in the first week of January) And this time the theme is


    So for the final manga-club of the year we're looking for any manga that contains elements of swords and sorcery. This can be low fantasy about teenagers in modern Japan duking it out with monsters with the use of magic and giant ass swords or brave Samurai in Edo-Japan fighting whichever enemy with the help of magic. or it can be high fantasy about a group of (anti-)heroes trying to take down a dark lord before he plunges the world into chaos. It can even be a mix between sci fi and fantasy. Think of something allong the lines of the later Final Fantasy titles for instance. Anything goes as long as it contains elements of the Swords and Sorcery subgenre.

    As always I'm looking forward to your recommendations!

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