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Discussion in 'Art & Design' started by ScaryHobo, Nov 27, 2016.

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    So I want to get into digital art. I already have a medium sized intuos tablet that I used to play osu!. What software should I use? Are there any Youtube tutorials out there to help get me started? I drew anime and
    "realism" drawings for about 2 years, and I drew some decent stuff. I think I want to get into digital art, so I want to use the right software. Any help or advice would be appreciated!
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    @Gaff, @KT Samurai, @Pinky The Blue Flamingo

    These guys can probably point you in the direction of some of the better and current resources that are out there.
    I don't do much digital art apart from minimalist vector drawings in Illustrator.
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    At this point, it's probably worth asking yourself what it is you want to draw or paint. There are plenty of options for software and lots of videos out there that could help you, but different programs lend themselves more readily to different styles of art and different methods of working, so it's good to have something in mind first.
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    Well if you want to talk programs Im a huge fan of both Sai and manga studio/clip studio paint (same program, differant marketing strategy).

    Both work fine with wacom products, the only issue is that sai is no longer supported so it can be diffucult or even impossible to use if you encounter issues, sadly this happened to me when I switched from wacom tablets to yiynova so I no longer use sai because of hardware compatibility issues. Oddy it worked with my short live Ugee tablet monitor that used the same UC logic digitaizer as my yiynova. Divers really do make the differance i guess.

    I also suggest getting photoshop elements, any recent version will do, I use it for touchups and testing exported layered psd files, though you may not need it. 90% of the time im using it to touch up my photography rather than my illustrations.

    If you do go with manga studio I recommend picking up a brush set ($15 iirc) from a guy named frenden. Hes an amazing illustrator and I love his brushes, feather fawcett is my go to brush for inking. He updates the brush pack every now and then too so thats nice.

    If you have any questions let me know :3
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