Dr. Stone

Discussion in 'Anime' started by Shadow Fox, Oct 30, 2019.

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    I love the manga and the series is shaping up to be pretty great, not to mention VERY faithful to the manga. I don't see a hint of filler anywhere which is really great. Absolutely one of my favorite series and I really hope this becomes even bigger and more popular.
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    Yo, this is Bill Nye the Science Guy meets Anime...its freaking awesome.

    If it wasn't for Demon Slayer, Doctor Stone would be my top anime of this year.
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    I was unimpressed.

    It has a really neat concept, but it gave me a very "Lost" vibe; meaning, "This setup had no thought; it was just to create intrigue; we'll figure it out later."

    I was convinced of this when episode 1 set up "Having to stay conscious for the entire time in stone", yet they immediately just start reviving things like birds and everyone else indiscriminately.... so why bring that up at all, when it's immediately dropped?

    The whole 'reason why' it happened, I know, was never planned ahead of time. It was just to create intrigue or get the premise started, a la Jar Jar Abrams' Mystery Box. Hence why it reminded me of Lost.

    It is a cool concept, but it's also ruined by another critical thing: It's the most standard shonen I've ever seen. These aren't characters, they're archetypes at best and one dimensional cutouts at worst.
    This would've been interesting if Senku was a well-read 55 year old man, or at the very least, he had a believable background to explain it, but why he's the world's greatest genius at 15 years old AND popular on top of it, is pure middle school pandering. It's standard shonen.

    Big yawn to me. No actual characters, and no actual resolution for its slightly interesting concept. I stopped after 3 episodes.
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    I found Dr Stone went right for an absurdist view. For me it was like 'look at science, isn't it strange.'

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