Favorite tv show (not anime) from 80s-20s

Discussion in 'Film & Television' started by G_Munny07, Oct 11, 2019.

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    Mine is x-men the animated series the link to the opening theme is below (check it out it is epic)

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    The Sopranos is the best show I've seen. There really was nothing like it when it aired. The way it was shot, the production values and cast really were next level. Not a single person phones it in. So many memorable scenes. And that first season was so original as well, everyone expecting Goodfellas: The TV Series and bam we get a mobster talking to his psychiatrist about his family problems. Humour and drama ensue. And then it turns into Goodfellas: The TV Show. Good shit.

    Honorable mention to the Wire. When its good its the best thing ever but its kinda patchy over its 5 season run. Aaaaand Breaking Bad to finish top 3.

    Fave show going up was probably.....yeah put me down for Fraggle Rock repeats in 90's.
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