Favorite Video Analysis/Review for Anime/Movies?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tonto-banchou, Feb 26, 2017.

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    It started with a video @KT Samurai posted before about Cowboy Bebop. Then, coincidentally, a friend from work rec'd anime reviewers Digibro and Demo (this one reminded me of the review @Neon Walrus put out). He also suggested Every Frame A Painting for movies, because we're nerds and we gotta have movie reviewers on the list.

    What's your favorite podcast or video channel for reviews and analyses? Any good reviewers you'd like to recommend to anyone else with similar interests?
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    Nerdwriter1 is required viewing for sure. Some personal favorites from his channel:
    Wisecrack is a great channel for looking at film and television in a comedic light. They've got several shows going at the moment and one of them will probably be of interest to you. My favorite is their The Hidden Meaning series, which looks at film as if they were being analyzed by movie-loving alien in the distant future who takes the piss out of them before getting into some genuinely fascinating commentary on their complex themes (here's their video on The Incredibles as a start). 8-Bit Philosophy is also super cool.

    Chez Lindsay's been doing some exceptional work lately. Her take-down of the film adaptation of RENT is powerful stuff.

    Now You See It's got some good stuff. My first exposure was their video on Movie Geometry and how filmmakers use shapes as shorthand.

    Satchbag's Goods posted an analysis of Firewatch that really made me think about my time with the game. If you've played Firewatch you probably have some opinions on it, this guy does a good job of tackling the game and what it might mean.

    Strucci Movies is a slow-moving but still very interesting channel run by a young lady who works in film herself, and her videos tend to be explorations of film that use her direct experiences as the lens. Her video on how Hot Fuzz changed her life and why we should care about video games are pretty great in particular.

    YourMovieSucks is a lot of fun if you like film-obsessed weirdos who obsess over minor details while also sometimes providing some pretty interesting commentary and analysis. His stuff very often teeters on the edge of "jesus christ dude relax and move on with your life" but some of his videos are spot-on. His (very lengthy) brutal take-down of The Walking Dead was cathartic for me and his top films of the year videos are full of great picks (he's really fuckin' slow with these, though: his last one was for 2014).

    Then there's Rantasmo, who is just a delight.
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    Redlettermedia, Previously Recorded. That's about it.
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