Finances Financial Report: January - May, 2018

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    Merry springtime, everyone!

    The site's coffers remain largely untouched these past few months. Besides some add-on costs we've avoided spending our crowd-sourced money on much of anything. That's about to change, though.

    Total Available Funds: $1,487.21

    • Add-ons, $50.85
    So, what do I mean by "change"?

    It's still pretty early but the staff has decided that it's high time we do something about how quiet the site has been since launch. We're coming up on the site's second birthday and we're not much bigger than we were a year ago. Despite the hard work of our apparently tireless contributors, who crank out quality articles and podcasts on the reg, word-of-mouth isn't cutting it for growing the community. We've decided to open up the vault and start trying to get our name out there via more conventional (and monetary) means. And while we don't have anything to show you just yet where this new initiative is concerned we're pretty excited with what's planned. It's going to be costly but we think that our donors would be happy with us spending some cash to get the word out and, hopefully, get some more regular users around here.

    Expect an update on all of this in 3-4 weeks, perhaps sooner if things go smoothly.

    Thank you for your continued support! <3
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