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    Series: FLAG

    Release Date: June 2006

    Genre: Mecha, War, Action

    Director: Ryosuke Takahashi, Kazuo Terada

    Writer: Toru Nozaki

    Creator: Ryosuke Takahashi

    Number of Episodes: 13


    Saeko Shirasu is a 25-year-old war frontline photo-journalist who became popular after taking a picture of civilians raising a makeshift UN flag in war-torn Uddiyana. The image then became an instant symbol for peaceand hope for the people. However just before the peace agreement is achieved, the flag was stolen by an armed extremist group in order to derail the peace treaty. The UN peacekeepers decide to covertly send in the SDC (Special Development Command) unit to retrieve the flag. Because of her connection with the 'FLAG' photo, Saeko was allowed to accompany the SDC unit as a frontline journalist.​


    Personal Opinion

    First off, this is more in the mould of an art-film than general mainstream anime. The series makes use of still and video cameraman POV, as well as webcam images to create a documentary-like narrative.

    The series embraces several aspects that feeds the growing war in Uddiyana including religious volatility, opposing countries pumping arsenal and money to extremist fractions to settle their own differences and on the other hand we have the SDC that tries to contain the growing unrest and rescue Uddiyana from it's dying state.

    This series shares a small insight into the civil wars that rage on in Third World countries and it does the job efficiently. Being a short series the character development was a bit quicker but it was meticulous. The plot was well directed and self-sufficient without the need of a side-story to give the series momentum.

    The immense use of imagery is a bit of a bother at first but it gradually allows us to soak up the atmosphere of the series.

    I would recommend this for seasoned viewers and for those who are willing to try something new.​


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