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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by KT Samurai, Apr 26, 2017.

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    Anyone following any games, or even specific players or teams at the moment?

    I'm mostly absorbed in the fighting game scene at the moment, watching Street Fighter V tournaments and watching the meta shift. Really enjoying Xian's new Ibuki play and watching him catch people in crazy mix-ups. SF5 in general is a lot more fun to watch, I think, since everything is so aggressive and players who are behind can make more dramatic comebacks. Lots of fun.

    I was following League of Legends pretty closely but haven't really gone near it for over a year now, mostly due to volume. So many games are played every season that it's basically impossible to keep up now that I have an actual career. Watching highlights alone wasn't doing it for me, and when world finals came around I didn't know who was who or how they got there. The narrative is a lot more important to me than I realised!

    Anyone else keeping up with anything?
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    I've strayed away from non-fighters as far as spectator e-sports go. I've seen my fair share of League of Legends and the like, but I've never particularly latched onto them. I've watched my fair share of all fighers over the years, but here are the bulletpoints:

    During Street Fighter IV's lifespan, I followed just about every tournament. Admittedly, my interest only really picked up during the Super era, so I missed a lot of Vanilla's run, but I was a pretty dedicated watcher after that. We had proper rivalries and big characters. Mike Ross (never forget :p), Justin Wong, Daigo, and over the years, a lot of names rose organically, Poongko, Gamerbee, Kbrad and the like. It was great.

    Since the release of SFV, I've mostly fallen out of that scene, because I really don't find the game interesting to watch, nor to play, but that's another story. I have still watched a few tournaments, but I think the magic is mostly gone.

    I've also watched a load of Marvel vs Capcom 3, which is my favorite fighter, both to play and to watch. You really cant get a game that generates spectator hype more constantly than Mahvel.

    The King of Fighters XIII was also a really fun game to watch, even if I never really got into the game. There were some incredible moments, like Reynald taking the Evo crown in 2013, that was one magic set.
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    No not so far, I am however following inside the NBA and apparently, they're having a celebrity e-sports SFV Battle between Shaq, Lupe, Reggie Bush, and Eva Marie on TBS, I'll definitely be watching that.

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