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    Rules & Regulations

    Under our Terms of Service, you must be at least 13 years old to use this website.
    Bear in mind that content, therefore, must be suitable for younger teenagers.

    Work Safe

    • No ecchi, no hentai, no porn – no sexually suggestive imagery – ever.
    • No excessively or graphically violent imagery.
    • No excessive swearing. The odd "F" bomb, or whatever, here and there is totally fine.
    No Illegal Content
    • No sharing of illegal content like fansubs and scanlations.
    • No links to websites that host illegal content. Link only to official sources.
    • For a full list of legal streaming sites click here.
    Keep The Community Safe, Respectful and Welcoming
    • Harassment, threats, flaming, trolling, and general antagonistic behavior will not be tolerated.
    • Discrimination can result in reduced posting privileges, and may eventually result in a ban.
    • No Bigotry. Offensive slurs and hate speech will not be tolerated.
    • If you receive an inappropriate PM, please report it to staff via the report button on the PM itself.
    NB: Please note that moderators will delete hateful propaganda videos or articles on sight. While we encourage debate and different opinions, hate speech will not be tolerated. You may debate against an ideology, but not generalise and discriminate people. As a private entity, free speech laws do not apply to this forum. Claiming that your freedom of speech rights have been violated will fall on deaf ears. This is a multicultural site, so you must respect that your fellow members come from different countries and political backgrounds.
    No Spam
    • Purposely derailing or disrupting threads is not permitted.
    • Do not post enormous images, provide links to them instead.
    • Images/Memes posted without an accompanying text post will be deleted.
    • No shortened urls. Shortened urls will be considered malicious content as it hides the domain name of the link, and we are not to know that it doesn't contain a virus/malware.
    NB: Spam and snarky comments may be removed without warning, and repetitive behaviour may result in an infraction.
    No Unauthorized Advertising
    • If you wish to advertise on please contact one of our administrators, Shannon Apple.
    No Plagiarizing
    • Stealing content from other users or websites and passing it off as your own may result in a ban.
      We could potentially get sued for this, so don't ever do it.
    • Copy-pasted content must be placed inside quote tags and accompanied by a link to source.
       [quote] copy/paste text here [/quote] 
    No Spoilers
    • In the interest of fairness to all members, spoilers (even if the show has been out a while) must be placed within spoiler tags. Failing to do so will get you in trouble.
       [spoiler] spoiler text here [/spoiler] 
    Report System
    • Do not use the report system for yelling at the staff, pointing out something funny or just for the hell of it.
    • Use only to report posts, wall messages, or PMs that break forum rules.


    Moderators perform the bulk of the day-to-day enforcement of the community rules and as such have been trusted to interpret them as well. Failure to comply with our rules and regulations will subject you to their scrutiny, and they may decide to delete your post(s), restrict your privileges, or outright ban you.

    If you feel that you have been treated unfairly by a moderator please review our rules and regulations to ensure that you did not in fact break one of them. And if after reviewing our rules you are still confident that you were not behaving irresponsibly please contact another moderator or administrator and we will review the moderator’s actions.

    Edited by Shannon Apple: 27th May 2017
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