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    Q: What is Sakuga City anyway? A business or a non-profit or what?

    A: Technically speaking, Sakuga City is a business and is being operated as such.

    However, due to the nature by which the forum came to be (crowdfunding) as well as the temperament of the staff here, Sakuga City is being treated more as a non-profit/business hybrid. There will be attempts to generate revenue from ads and such, but the staff here knows that the words "forum" and "profit" don't really co-exist all that well, not without resorting to shady business. And we're not interested in that, we just want a great, high-quality community.

    To that end, we may have ads and may even become involved in promoting other businesses, but we're still operating with a community-first approach. All profits go towards maintaining and upgrading the forum, and we will report our finances to the community on a periodic basis so that there's never any question of where we stand. We want to keep this place afloat and keep the community together, not make a buck.

    Q: How do I know if the website I want to link to hosts illegal content?

    A: There's generally two simple ways to figure this out, and both methods are centered around the fact that these hosts know that what they're doing is technically illegal.

    First, you will tend to find individual episodes have numerous mirrors. These sites know that many off-site hosting services have policies against what they're doing and will try to prepare by keeping numerous copies of a given episode available should any of them go down.

    Second, these sites will tend to have a disclaimer on them that tries to deflect blame for what they're displaying. They will mention something along the lines of, "Nothing on this site is actually hosted here, we just have links to videos hosted elsewhere". A proper, legal host will not make such a distinction.

    Finally, Sakuga City does not support fansub or scanlation groups. Do not reference them in any way.

    Q: How do I become a moderator?

    A: The short answer is: if you have to ask, you likely will not become one.

    Moderators are given quite a lot of power to maintain the forum and keep it running on a day-to-day basis, and as such a great deal of trust is required for us to even consider new additions to the team. Mods tend to be chosen from model forum users, people who adhere to the rules, keep a cool head, and get along well with others. If we're ever shorthanded we'll begin vetting possible candidates and approach them ourselves. There's no need to ask if we need more because if we do and we think you'd be a good pick we'll come to you, not the other way around.
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