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    OK, I was rummaging around in through literal terabytes of info when I stumbled across something that is somewhere around 16 years old. It was a old document file I must had imported from a floppy to new hardware a very long time ago. This was written by one of the anime-forums members, I think it might had been one of the mods. It features some people from the forums Like Ian and some others I think. I thought I would share this here for all of you to enjoy and maybe someone can remember who wrote this. The Date I have for this is April 7th 2005.

    Chapter 1 : First Day

    The sound of an alarm clock echoed in the room, when suddenly a hand slips out from the covers and knocks it off the shelf. Yawning, Ian slowly sat on the side of the bed, and blinked a couple of times. Man, I really should get rid of that stupid thing he thought to himself, slowly rising from the bed, grumbling to himself as he walked towards the bathroom. Standing tall at 6'2, he had light-brown hair and brown eyes. He looked at himself in the mirror as he brushed his teeth, then said " i obe dish day goesh ell..." *( I hope this day goes well...)*

    " Iiiiiaannn, come downstairs for a moment before you leave for school, I need to speak to you about something, dear!"

    "Alright, mom, be there in a sec" responded Ian, running down the stairs and going in the kitchen. His mother stood by the sink holding what seemed to be a scratched up metal bracelet. She was smiling like if she was hiding a secret that shes been wanting to let out for God knows how long. " So mom, whats up?" Ian said casually, walking in and sitting on the kitchen table, cupping his face with one hand looking up at her with a questioning look. "Well, dear, I have something for you. Its your graduation gift from me to you" she said, smiling down at him and showing him the bracelet she was cupping with her hands. Ian slowly looked down at the thing, and gave his mom a funny look. THIS is a graduation gift?

    "Hun, I know it doesnt look like alot, but listen to me" she said, suddenly turning serious and sitting by him on the kitchen table. "Ian, this bracelet has been in our family for a long time, and its considered tradition to hand it to your son on his first day of senior year. But you must understand. You have to ALWAYS wear it. You cant take it off by any reasons, understand?"

    Wow, what's this all about... well, she says its tradition, so I might as well not argue. "Alright mom, I understand." he said, but he still had a puzzled look on his face. She grinned at her son, sighing happily as she gave him the bracelet and watched as he slowly slipped it through his hand. For a long pause, he looked at the bracelet on his wrist, then he looked up at his mom and gave her a smile. "Well then, Im off to school. Dont wanna be late on the first day!" he got up, gave his mom a kiss on the cheek and ran off, grabbing his bookbag near the entrance and heading outside towards the driveway, where he kept his motorcycle. He slowly pulled the blue cover that protected his green Kawasaki Ninja from the weather and smiled down at it. Suddenly he squealed and started running around his bike, fondling it obssesively.

    Hopping on his bike, Ian kicked the engine to life, putting on his green helmet. Man I love this part fo the day he though, snickering as he wheelied his way out of his driveway and drove towards school. As he drove, he saw that up ahead a red light was coming on. He came to a sudden stop at the light and waited for it to change.

    "DUDE. Check that out!" he heard to his right, then slowly turned his head to see what appeared to be kids from his school. The had the weirdest grins on their faces, which kinda set him off a bit. Well, theres a look you dont recieve everyday he thought, as the light turned green and he sped on, approaching the school parking lot they had for students. Arriving, he parked his bike near the bike rack, turning it off and removing his helmet.

    "Woooooaaahhhhhhhhh" was all he could hear. He kinda looked around and found like 20 guys staring at him in an oggling kind of way. Wtf? this is the second time today.... ugh im just gunna ignore it he though, as he walked by them, and headed towars the building. Man, what a bunch of weirdos, i mean, what was with the looks? havent they ever seen a guy arrive to school on a bike before?

    Letting out a sigh he took out the information paper he had recieved over the summer. "Hmm lets see.. Im supposed to be in class 1-D... Well, might as well get started in looking for the classroom." he said, grinning and marching his way down the hallways, ignoring the looks he got from the guys. "w00t! Atlast, I found it" he said smiling, reaching for the door to open it, when suddenly the door spran open quickly, and a young man ran out, bumping into Ian, knocking him to the floor. Ian stayed on the floor for a few minutes, trying to recover from the dizziness he had at the moment, when suddenly he felt two strong arms hold him around the middle, helping him stand.

    "Are you alright?" said a rather deep voice somewhere near him. Ian shook his head a bit and looked ahead to see two blue eyes looking into his own. Before him, stood a man a bit taller than he was, wearing a pair of long khakis and a white button up shirt. He had straw blonde hair and a very handsome face.

    "Uh... yeah im fine, thanks..." Ian said awkwardly, brushing the dust off himself, when suddenly he froze in mid-action of brushing his chest. He felt 2 soft bumps that werent there this morning.... *grope grope* "......." he looked down and saw his own hands gropping what appeared to be breasts on his chest.

    "HUH?!????" he yelled loudly looking at his arms and legs, when suddenly he realized the stranger that helped him was still standing before him, now giving him a curious look. " uhh... e-excuse me!" Ian responded quickly, running towards the bathrooms he remembered passing by on his way to the classroom. Running into the boy's room, he saw 2 guys who were talking suddenly freeze as they saw him, then walk out rather quickly. Ian stood there for a moment, then snapped back to reality and ran towards the mirror.

    A scream echoed in the bathroom.

    "WHAT THE HELL?!!?!?!?!" he yelled out loud as he backed away from the mirror with a terrified look on his face, then suddenly turned around and entered a stall behind him. All that could be heard was some clothes shifting around when suddenly....


    A ruler being hit against a desk is heard throughout the classroom 1-D. "Alright class, settle down, settle down." said Nick, watching everyone sit in their seats as silence slowly dawned in the room." Hmm..." said Nick, holding his hand to his chin, noticing the young lady he helped this morning was missing. Girl emergency perhaps? Although, she looked a bit confused this morning he thought, staring at the only empty chair remaining in the class. "Well first things first!" he said happily, smiling at his new class and turning around to write his name on the black board. A soft scribbling noise could be heard around the room, which was now completely silent. "Alright." said Nick, turning around once again to face his class and standing by his name, which was now written on the board in an elegant cursive. "Hello. I'm Professor Nick Killua and I'll be your homeroom teacher for the rest of the year." he said, placing his hand behind his head and grinning widely at the room.

    Back in the boy's room, Ian tried as much as possible to accept his new appearance, although, eachtime he saw himself he couldnt help but flinch. "Maahahann.. I know I wanted an interesting senior year but... THIS ISNT WHAT I IMAGINED!!"

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    Chapter 2: Surviving Through Denial

    " Oh man oh man oh man oh man.... THATS WHAT IM NOT! A MAN!!"

    In the bathroom, Ian was now pacing in a circle trying to figure out what to do. He glanced at the mirror once again and a beautiful young lady started back at him. "WHY DIDNT I NOTICE I HAD LONG HAIR?!!??!?" he yelled, now noticing his hair was now at a length below his shoulders. "Okay, Ian. Dont panic." he told himself, taking in a breath and exhaling it slowly. "Its your first day, remember? oh crap.....class.... CLASS!!!" he yelled, suddenly realizing he was late for first period.

    Looking at himself in the mirror one last time and flinching, he ran out of the boy's room and into the hallway. He stood there, looking from side to side nervously to make sure noone saw him leave the boy's room. He walked rather quickly, heading towards his homeroom, Class 1-D. When he finally reached the door, he stood infront of it for several minutes, trying to think of an appropriate excuse to tell the teacher as to why he was late.

    Well, here goes nothing... he though, slowly opening the classroom door and taking a step inside. Sitting on the edge of the desk was the guy who had helped him earlier, although now he was wearing glasses. He was holding a book in his hand and reading english literature out loud, when he suddenly paused to notice Ian standing in the doorway.

    "Well, hello there." he said, smiling at Ian in a rather warm welcoming way "Please, take a seat."

    "Im so sorry for interrupting your class, professor." Ian said, taking a small bow and heading towards his seat. "Its alright, its just the first day, afterall. Just try not to be late again for class next time." he chuckled. When Ian finally took his seat, he felt everyone's eyes on him. Oh great. Just what I need, more attention... he thought, keeping a straight profile of his posture in his seat. "Alright, shall we continue?" said Nick, once again staring down at the book and continuing to read out loud to the class.

    "Psst....hey... new chick..." said a whisper behind Ian, making him flinch. Before him, he imagined the title *SEXY NEW GUY* crumbling down. Great. Juuuust great he thought, as he slowly glanced at the teacher to make sure he wasnt looking, then slowly turned around to face the fellow who was calling him. The guy was quite attractive, really. His hair, a dirty blonde, was longish but layered, and he had deep dark blue eyes. "Name's Mike, whats yours?" he whispered, smirking at Ian in a flirting sort of way. Oh man... I dont have a girls name, and I cant just say my name's Ian he realized, trying to think of an appropriate name to give out. ".....Lau...ra.... Laura. My name's Laura." he said slowly, giving mike an awkward smile. "Laura, eh? Beautiful name.... so! Wanna go out?"

    "WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY!??!?!?"

    Eyes all around the room suddenly turned to Ian giving him a very curious look. "Err...." Mike sat back on his chair, popping a foot on the edge of his desk, placing his hands behind his head looking away in a smug way. Ian, however, was now standing up looking at Mike with a disgusted-panicked look on his face. It took him a couple of seconds to realize that all eyes were now on him. "Uh.. hehe Im sorry, Im just a bit jumpy when it comes to learning literature..." he said, scratching the back of his head and grinning dumbly around the room. " ............."

    Feeling himself glow red in the face, he began to sit back down ".......Well, thats a... very strong way to show your opinion, but opinions are welcome at all times in this room." said Nick. He was now laying against the front of his desk with his arms crossed, one hand holding the literature book, the other his glasses. "Miss, what is your name?" he asked with a curious smile on his face, now looking straight at Ian.

    For some odd reason, Ian felt his face burn red once again. "uh... L-Laura Wolfwood, professor." he said nervously. "Well, Miss Wolfwood, would you be so kind as to continue the reading?" he asked gently, smiling at Ian in a contagious kind of way. Ian couldnt help but smile back. As he read, all he could think about was how glad the teacher hadnt asked him for any details on the class, because if that wouldve happened, he's pretty sure he would've tried to jump out the window.

    Finally, class seemed to continue normally. Then the lunch bell rang, and everyone headed outside to the courtyard outside to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine after being in a room for 4 straight hours.

    Trying to ignore all the stares he got from the guys, Ian walked down the hallway heading towards the courtyard. On his mind, in a way he was finally accepting he was a girl, although now what was bugging him the most was HOW it happened. It couldnt have been overnight, cause I remember looking at myself this morning in the mirror as I brushed my teeth.... hell I even hoped this day wouldnt go badly he thought. He took one look at himself in the reflection of the window.

    Oh the irony in all this.

    Letting out a sigh, he walked outside, enjoying the soft breeze that met his face. He found an unoccupied bench and sat down, putting his bookbag down, and unzipping it to take out the lunch his mom packed. He took out a neatly packed box with white rice and curry inside and slowly began to eat, when a shadow appeared over him. he looked up to find his professor smiling down at him. "Oh... uh... hello, professor.." said in softly, looking down at his lunch.

    " Hope you're enjoying your meal, hehe" he chuckled. "Mind if I join ya?" he asked smiling. " No, not at all." Ian said, shifting to the side to leave space for him to sit. "So! I was going to ask in class, but I didnt want to put you in a difficult position infront of everyone else." he said smoothly, suddenly pointing to his clothes with a childlike expression on his face.
    o.o "Whats with the boy uniform?" o.o

    Ian suddenly realized it too. So THAT explains the odd looks I was recieving he thought. It was because he was wearing the guy's uniform, and well, he was a girl. ... well, on the outside, atleast. "Umm... well you see..." Ian thought of what to say to explain himself, when suddenly the teacher began to laugh. "Good thing I didnt ask infront of the other students, huh?" he said, still chuckling at Ian.

    " I guess you're right.... I honestly cant explain this." Ian said. UHH..... THIS MORNING I WAS A MAN, THATS WHY! he thought, and felt himself twitch at the thought. "Well, Miss Wolfwood, I apologize for interrupting your lunch. I just wanted to settle that small doubt that I had." said Nick, standing from the bench, smiling down at Ian. "Oh, its alright....." Ian said, awkwardlyturning red. He was SO not used to being called Miss. "Enjoy your meal." he said, and walked off.

    "*sigh*.... Well, that was weird." Ian said, then finished his lunch quickly. Since he still had time to spare, he took a walk around the school to be more familiar with it. He was passing a group of guys, when suddenly one of them said "Hey! Miss Wolfwood! Come here!"

    Ian recognized that smug voice. It was Mike, of course. He was surrounded by all his friends, standing up as Ian walked over. "Yeah? What do u want?" Ian responded in a cold way. The least he needed right now was this guy. "So, Miss Wolfwood, are ya gunna go out with me or what?" he snickered, giving Ian a smirk that made him want to punch him and send him flying. MAN this guy doesnt quit, does he?

    " Look. Im really sorry, but Im not interested in you.And besides, Im a g-" Ian broke off, suddenly realizing what he was about to say. " ...You're a what?" Mike asked, giving Ian a curious look. " ........I was just gunna say" said Ian, slowly " that Im a girl who isnt interested in a relationship at the moment." he said. Suddenly he did the girliest thing. He flipped his hair back, and walked away. Going around the corner, Ian suddenly lost his calm composure and went against the wall with a panicked look on his face.

    SICK! SICK!!!! Oh, MAN. First day, and a dude already asks me out. A DUDE!!! he thought to himself, as he slowly began to walk around again. "So lets see... how could this have happened.... I mean, one doesnt just wake as a girl.... something must've caused this." he told himself, placing his finger on his chin and looking up as he walked around thinking.

    The sound of the bell got him out of his trance, so started walking towards the building to go to class, still trying to figure out what couldve turned him into a girl.

    Ian entered his class and sat down with the rest of his classmates. Class went by calmly and rather quickly, when the bell suddenly announced dismissal. Ian looked around for a moment, thinking of what he would tell his mother when she saw him. "Uh... heya mom, I turned into a lady on my way to school" "AAAHHHHHHHHH WHAT HAVE U DONE WITH MY SON, DEMON????!?!?" *sweatdrop*

    "Man, and I thought I had it bad here in school.... explaining this to mom is gunna be so difficult." he told himself, as he headed for the school parking lot. He looked at his motorcycle, then sighed and slipped on his helmet. All around him, many students were staring at him as he kicked the engine to life and drove off.

    As he approached home, he noticed what seemed to be a large amount of things all over the driveway. He suddenly came to a hard stop when he realized all the stuff was his own. " What the---"

    " Oh! Ian! There u are, honey. Could you help me with this box dear?" said his mother from the doorway, carrying a large box full of what appeared to be Ian's comic books. "But but but but--- how did you know I--- MOM. WHATS GOING ON?!!?" yelled Ian, falling off the bike on the sidewalk.

    As he got up, his mother dropped the box on the driveway and walked up to him smiling " Oh, Ian, you make such a fine looking lady." she said, smiling very oddly at him.
    "YOU KNOW?!?!!??" he yelled, gripping his hair with his hands and looking at all his things in the driveway. "Mom, whats going on? Why is all my stuff outside? AND WHATS THE DEAL WITH ME BEING A GIRL!??!!?" he yelled giving her a panicky look.

    "Now, now, calm down, dear. Its alright. Besides, it cant be that bad to be a woman....*sweatdrop*"


    "Mom..... atleast tell me WHAT cause this...." he said in a snappy way. She suddenly glanced at his right wrist and smiled at him " Well, I thought you would've guessed by now." she said, crossing her arms and giving him a wink. Ian suddenly looked at the bracelet he put on this morning, except now it was different. The scratched up metal now looked brand new and elegant on his fine wrist, shinning in the sunlight.

    "The bracelet caused this? But... why? Why did u give me something that would turn me into a girl?" he asked completely confused, now trying to think of a response to this question.

    " Ian, dear." she said, now with a serious look on her face. " I cant tell you why I have given you this bracelet, but you have to promise me that you will continue to wear it. Im doing this for a good reason, but you will have to figure out that reason on your own, dear. Its part of the tradition." she said, now giving him a soft smile and placing a hand on his cheek. "But mom... I dunno if I can do this..." Ian said slowly, looking at his mother with a panicked look. "Please Ian. Do this for me,. thats all I ask of you..." she said, giving him a pleading look. Ian stared at her for a long time, then slowly found himself nodding to her request. Smiling, Ian's mother hugged her son saying "Thank you so much..."

    "Now... about your stuff being outside, hun." she said, backing away and standing by his things. "I'm kicking ya out of the house cause from now on, you're gunna be living on your own!" she said grinning at him.

    "Hey Alex, what was that scream?" " I dunno... but it sounds like that girl wasnt happy."

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    Chapter 3: Night School

    Okay... so I guess that from now on I have to be living on my own... it's not so bad..

    Ian took one look around the small room he currently lived in. Ever since he arrived home from school 2 days ago, his life had become impossible. Not only was he forced to wear a bracelet without knowing why, but he also had to live by himself from now on. His mother had told him that she sold the house where they used to live. Not only that, she also mentioned she was leaving somewhere unknown, so that he can take a serious look at his life, and learn to support himself without asking for her help. Of course, this may sound cold, but not all things were bad. His mother told him he could stay the night there, but tomorrow he had to find another place. Also, he was left with plenty of money to be able to house himself for atleast a month before he could find a job.

    For the past two days, Ian had been staying in a storage room on the roof of his school. He discovered it while taking a walk on the roof of the school, trying to get his mind off everything that had happened. Holding the fence that circled the roof, he looked out into the distance, the breeze playing with his hair. After taking a deep breath, he turns to see a door on his left. Slowly, he walked up to the door, grabbing the doorknob and turning it slowly. Wow, its open afterall he thought, letting his eyes roam around the dark room.

    Walking in, he noticed a bed covered with a dark brown dusty sheet. Hmm... seems like someone was living here he thought, suddenly noticing a small fridge in the corner by the bed. After a few seconds, Ian suddenly had the idea of staying there until he could find a decent home. Since everything had happened so fast, he still hadn't been able to search for an apartment for himself. But if he stayed here, he could look patiently, without having to worry about living on the streets.

    "Well, if I plan to live here, I better clean this place... but lunch is almost over, so I'll have to come back here tonight" he said thoughtfully. He could just sneak in through the main entrance, since it was always open and as for getting the materials to clean his new home, he could always borrow the ones used to clean the classrooms. All he had to do was get them from the small storage closet near his classroom.

    Smiling to himself, he left the room, closing the door behind him. The breeze gently played with his hair as he headed towards the stairs. As he slowly decended them, he heard the school bell echo in the hallways, announcing 10 minutes were now left for lunch. He began to walk towards his class when suddenly, out of the door he was walking by, 2 young boys ran out, bumping into him and causing them all to fall with a loud crashing noise.

    What is it with people running out of doors hitting me?

    "HOLY CRAP. MARTY, WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!?!!?" yelled the black-haired boy on the floor on Ian's right. Shaking his head, Ian could heard someone laughing. He looked up to see a guy holding up to the door frame for support, laughing his ass off.
    " Oh man, that SO wasn't funny. LOOK WHAT YOU MADE US DO, YOU IDIOT." yelled the brown-haird boy on Ian's left. The guy standing by the door began to calm down his laughing, holding out a hand at Ian. "Haha, oh man. I'm so sorry about this." he said, chuckling as Ian took his hand and stood up from the floor. "By the way, I'm Marty, miss." he said smiling brightly, a sweatdrop appearing near his head. "This here is Geo and Jason" he said happily, pointing at the black-haird boy first, then the brown-haired one.
    "God dammit Marty, why did you push me out the door?!?!?" yelled Geo, standing up angrily, glaring at Marty with angry green eyes. Jason slowly got up to his feet as well, giving Marty the same glare. "Honestly dude, that was so uncalled for. Next time, try not to be so freaking spontaneous. What if she got hurt?" Jason said calmly, walking up infront of Ian apoligizing once again for what happened.

    "No, no, it's alright, no harm don--"

    "I bet you got pretty hurt by that fall."

    "Yeah, you must be in great pain."

    "The poor dear..."

    "No really, Im fi--"

    "Well! Looks like we got no choice but to take you to the school nurse!" said Marty happily, clapping his hands together, a sinister grin on his face as Geo and Jason both nodded in unison and grabbed Ian by the arms smiling. "Woah, wait, I said I'm fi--" "AWW LOOK! SHE'S MOANING IN PAIN!! Hurry up guys,we better get her there before she feels worse!" said Jason rather dramatically, yanking on Ian to make him walk faster.
    Man, whats with these guys? And why are they so desperate to take me to the nurse anyway? thought Ian as he was dragged off towards the end of the hallway and to the left, to face the nurse's office.
    "Alright," said Marty, holding up a fist, a triumphant grin on his face. "Well, miss, you are now in the nurse's office, so me and the guys will just be leaving ya from here o--"
    A door was slammed open.

    "OOOHH Whats this? MORE PATIENTS?!?!?"

    Standing in the door was was a tall man with dark black hair and eyes the color of gold. Placing a hand in the door frame to gaze down at Ian through the top of his round glasses, he inspected "her" face. "Hmm... well you seem to be just fine..." he said softly, his face only a few short inches from Ian's red one. Ian looked down at the doctor's chest to see his name tag. However, he found a hard time believing that what the tag said was his name. Written in big, bold letters, the word "BLAH" was seen on the tag.


    Through the corner of his eye, the doctor could see 3 young boys walking back cautiously, trying to avoid being heard. "OOOHHHH!!! More MALE patients!!!!" suddenly yelled the Doctor, flying past Ian, making him spin in place. Marty turned around only for a second only to see the doctor's happy face running towards them at a rapid speed. "RUN!!!!" he yelled turning around but noticing he was talking to himself. In that short pause he took to see noone around him, the doctor launched out and tackled him before Marty could run away. "OOOHH dear! You poor thing, you must've tripped on yourself!" said the Doctor, taking a hold of Marty by the right leg and dragging him back towards his office. "What the-- HEY, I DIDN'T TRIP OVER MYSELF,YOU TACKLED ME TO THE GROUND!! LET GO OF ME!!" yelled Marty as he was dragged. By the door, the doctor dragged Marty inside, then turned back to face Ian with a grin on his face. "Now now, Miss, you dont wanna be late for class! Dont worry about your little friend, he'll be fine in my hands!" said the doctor smiling childishly at Ian, walking into his office, shutting the door. *SLAM*

    "Well! you really don't look too well, young man! What did u say your name was again?"

    "Marty, now LET ME OUT!"

    "Aww, you look like your in so much pain! BETTER CONDUCT A FULL BODY SEARCH FOR BROKEN BONES!"


    "Now, now, dont be shy, this is SCIENCE!!"




    ".............." It took a long time for Ian to be able to move again from the spot where he was standing after hearing what was coming out of the mysterious Doctor's office. He turned around and began to walk quickly down the hallway towards his classroom. He opened the door to his class to have a questioning Geo and Jason waiting for him. "Oh! Hey! Where's Marty?" Geo asked, smiling up at Ian like a little boy waiting for candy. "Uh, your friend was...." Ian thought to himself of a way to put what he has just witnessed into words. "The Doctor wanted to give him a... checkup." he said slowly, trying to keep his face as normal as possible.

    Both boys suddenly burst out laughing their heads off. "Oh man, that's just too funny"
    said Jason, sitting on an empty desk table holding his stomache to ease down his laughing. Ian gave them both a questioning look. "So let me guess" said Jason slowly, still grining from laughing. "Dr. Jakey took one look at him and dragged him off into his office saying he looked like he was in pain and such, am I right?" he said, starting to laugh again when Ian nodded a bit, smiling at how humorous the scene he witnessed really was. "Yeah, the poor guy was screaming for him to let him go, haha" he said laughing, joining in the laughter. The three of them laughed for a long moment before stopping and smiling at eachother. "So, whats your name?" asked Geo casually, looking at Ian with a very friendly smile. "I-- My name's Laura." he said slowly smiling back. "So Laura, Jason and I were wondering..."

    (both) *** o.o;"Whats with the boy's uniform? o.o; ***
    A rather large sweatdrop appeared behind Ian's head.

    Before Ian could answer, the door behind him opened and Professor Killua walked into the classroom. He noticed Ian and smiled at him as if he knew something he didn't, making Ian turn red for some odd reason. Err... why am I turning red? Ian thought, looking away to return to his seat. "Alright class, please sit and take out your history books!" said the teacher happily, walking over to his desk and sitting down.


    Night time arrived soon, and Ian was back up on the roof in his new home taking a towel and some soap. Humming happily, he walked out and headed towards the stairs, on his way to the shower room in the 2nd floor. Well, atleast I dont have to pay for any water bills he thought happily. For Ian, it had become a habit to take off the bracelet whenever he showered, because he believed it was too weird to shower as a girl. Finally arriving to the shower room, he walked in and turned on the lights. "Well, atleast I get my privacy" he said happily. Taking off his clothes and walking to the nearest shower, he turned on the hot water. Because of the noise from the running water, Ian never heard someone walk into the shower room. For a long time, the figure that walked in stood with his shoulder leaned against the lockers to his right, admiring Ian's young form from affar.

    "I hope the water's to your liking."

    Ian froze under the shower. Quickly, he took the towel laying on the bench to his right and wrapped it around his slim waist, turning around to see who was standing near the lockers. However, he couldnt see his face, because he stood in a shadow. "Who's there?" Ian said nervously, turning off the water,not moving from where he was.
    "Oh, just a friendly face." said the velvety voice, slowly uncrossing his arms and walking out of the shadows. The Professor stared at Ian with expressionless eyes. "P-Professor Killua? But... what are you doing at the school so late at night?" said Ian, not remembering he was in his male form. Nick smiled at Ian and walked closer to him, standing exactly 5 feet away from him.

    "So, you're the one with the bracelet."

    Ian suddenly realized what the teacher said. His face turned an embarrased red, as he slowly backed up against the cold tiled wall. The professor walked up to him, placing his hands on both of Ian's sides against the wall. He smiled in a very charming way at Ian, then slowly said "I take it by the look in your face, you know of what I speak of." Ian couldn't do anything but stare into those deep blue eyes, his face still red. He wanted to push him away and run away, but something about the way he was looking at him made him freeze to the spot. His face was so different from the one he remembered in the classroom. That face was bright and smiling. This one, however, was sensual and captivating...
    "Well, Mr. Wolfwood," he said, making Ian give him an alarmed look at knowing it was him in particular. "Noone is allowed to be in this school after 4pm in the afternoon, unless you are in detention. So naturaly, you know you can't be living here." he said, slowly moving one hand down to place it on Ian's wet shoulder. Ian jumped at his touch, and said "I-I know sir, but I have nowhere else to --"
    Suddenly, Nick moved his face close to Ian's, barely an inch away. Ian froze in mid-sentence, when suddenly the teacher said softly "Looks like you'll just have to come live with me."
    Ian's alarmed eyes looked into Nick's captivating ones, slowly letting the words he spoke sink in. "Li...Live with you? But... I dont want to be any trouble, sir..." Ian said softly, trying hard to control his nervousness. Nick, sensing Ian's nervousness, released the soft grip he had on his shoulder, and moved back, still looking at Ian straight in the eyes. "I'm really sorry, but you dont have an option. You will come live with me. Now," he said, his bright personality suddenly appearing. "Where are your things?" he asked, as he looked around the shower room, expecting to see a pile of stuff on the floor somewhere.

    "Follow me." said Ian nervously, walking past his teacher and towards the exit door.

    As he walked in the hallway, he could sense the teacher walking right behind him.

    "So! Whats your real name?"

    "Umm.... Ian Wolfwood, professor."

    "Hehe, that's a strong name." Nick said cheerfully, following Ian up the stairs.

    As Ian walked through the door that lead to the roof, he held a strong grip of his towel to keep the wind from blowing it away. For a second, he though he heard his teacher chuckle, which caused him to turn red once again and speed up his walking. He opened the door to his small home and walked in, turning on the light as he held the door for Nick, who walked in and closed the door behind him to keep the strong winds out. Turning around, Nick looked around the small room. For a small place, it didnt look so bad. You could see that Ian had worked hard to clean the place up and give it a nice home-like atmosphere.

    "Umm, I'm sorry to be rude, but do you mind waiting outside while I --"
    "Oh! sure no problem, haha"
    "Hehe, thanks."

    *Yeeeeeeeeeah. and you people thought Nick would fiiiiiiiinally get to see Ian naked eh?WELL, NO. ITS ONLY CHAPTER 3, YOU PERVS!*


    "Are you sure you got everything you need, Ian?"

    "Yeah, I'm possitive I didnt forget a thing, professor."
    Now standing infront of the school, Nick turned around to face Ian and grinned. "Please call me Nick off school hours, Ian. Afterall, you'll be living with me."

    Ian felt himself turn red once again and nodded dumbly. Man, this is so wrong. I'm not supposed to be blushing over a guy!!

    Walking out of the school grounds, Ian and Nick came face to face with Nick's hot ride. He drove a white 05 Ford GT that had two blue stripes that ran from the back of the car towards the front, over the roof. Ian stood there, trying hard not to run up to it and fondle it, for this was the ride of his dreams (other than his green Kawasaki Ninja, of course). "Well, you can go on and put your stuff in the---"


    Nick stood on the sidewalk frozen, as he watched Ian walk up to his car, and hug it from the side, fondling it obsessively.

    Looks to me like this Ian will be a rather interesting roommate.....

    *****End of Chapter

    Shadow Fox - April 7, 2005 07:55 PM (GMT)
    Chapter 4: Restless Night

    Sitting in the front seat of Nick's car, Ian has his sight on the night city. His thoughts wandered somewhere else, so he never noticed that Nick was staring at him while they waited in the stoplight.

    "You seem to be upset about something."

    At hearing this, Ian turned his head and faced Nick with a smile on his lips. He really didn't want to cause any more trouble for Nick, especially after all he had done for him. "Nah, I'm not upset, I'm just thinking about a few things." chuckled Ian, looking away again and out the window, looking at a rather familiar looking guy wearing a kilt walk on the sidewalk. As the light turned green, Nick sped up and the rest of the drive was quiet. Obviously, you could tell that Ian really was thinking about lots of things, because he was completely suprised when Nick announced that they had finally arrived to his home.

    Ian got out of the car and faced a 35 floor building. Turning around, he got his stuff out of the car and followed Nick inside and to the elevator. Standing there waiting for the elevator, Ian began to feel guilty. He looked up at Nick, who was looking up at the number above the elevator doors, and suddenly felt worse. He was about to say something, when suddenly the elevator doors swung open and Nick walked in. Ian walked in looking at the floor, so he didn't notice what floor Nick had pressed. As the doors closed, Ian stood there, looking at his shoes, feeling like a stray child who had just been picked up from the streets. How could he have let things get this far? He should've told Nick that he would find an apartment so that he didn't have to live with him. Why waste the chance? The silence was already bothering him anyway...

    "Nick, I--"

    "Don't say you feel guilty, Ian."

    It took a moment for those simple words to sink in, before Ian looked up at Nick and found him staring down at him with a smile on his face.

    Thank you...


    "Wow, your home is huge!"

    Watching Nick walk into the spacious apartment, Ian stood in the doorway admiring the living room before him. A golden cream was painted on the walls, and a dark leather blue couch was against the wall to the right. To the left, a full home theater system lay resting against the wall.
    As Nick took off his shoes and coat, he turned around to notice that Ian was still standing outside.
    "You know, you CAN come in. After all," Nick said, leaning against the wall. "this will be your home as well from now on." Snapping his head out of the clouds, Ian smiled timidly and took two steps in the apartment, holding his bag over his shoulder.
    Uncrossing his arms slowly, Nick suddenly began to walk straight towards Ian, stopping barely 2 inches away from him, his face dangerously close.
    "Um... uh-"
    "You forgot... to close the door..." Nick spoke slowly, reaching a hand out past Ian's side and closing the door behind him. Ian stood pinned against the door with Nick looming over him. His face began to glow red, then he noticed that Nick's arm was still holding the doorknob, and his forearm was touching him gently on the side. Looking down, Ian tried to focus on his left shoe-lace, which wasn't tied, when suddenly Nick's face came not 2 inches away from his. For a moment Ian looked into those mesmerizing blue eyes of his, feeling his heart beat faster and faster. Was Nick going to kiss him?.....

    "So..." Nick breathed softly, looking deeply into Ian's eyes in a teasing way. "Shall I give you the tour?"
    It took Ian a while to realize that Nick's hand was now resting on his side rather than on the doorknob. Ian smiled awkwardly and nodded at Nick, still in a trance staring at his eyes.
    "Alright! Well, let's get your things in your room first and I'll be more than happy to show you around my humble home." Nick spoke quickly, suddenly smiling and pulling back three steps.

    "Um... Okay..."

    "Follow me!"

    Ian watched as Nick turned around and began to walk towards the end of the room, taking a left and disappearing from view. God damn, my heart is still racing...AHH! What am I thinking?! He's my teacher! Plus, HE'S A GUY!!
    Ian stood against the door, one hand over his heart, looking panicked. What WAS he thinking? His heart was still racing from what had happened a few seconds ago. He let out a sigh and held up a clenched fist infront of him. Okay... I have to stop thinking about this... besides, I have bigger worries on my shoulders. Even if Nick is offering me a place to stay, I can't be a nuisence and stay here forever...
    Nick poked his head out through the corner, giving Ian a puzzled look. "Well, are you coming or what?" he asked. "Err... yeah, sorry, haha" Ian said nervously, scratching the back of his head. "I was just, umm..." he looked down at his left shoe-lace. "t-tying my shoe!" he said, roughly dropping his bag on the floor and bending on one knee, hurryingly tying his shoe without looking up.

    He is sooo not buying that...

    "Okay!" Nick said, grinning broadly like a child and disappearing once again into the hallway.

    Letting out a relieved sigh, Ian slowly stood up, picking up his bag from the floor. He took off his shoes in the small entrance and headed towards the hallway. As he turned the corner, he found a smiling Nick standing near the first door to the right.

    "Well, this will be your room, Ian. I hope its to your liking. The bathroom is just down this hallway at the very end." he said, pointing. Ian nodded, following Nick as he opened Ian's new room and walked in, watching Nick as he turned on the lights. The room was very spacious. A comfortable-looking bed lay against the opposite wall, vast windows covering the wall over it. To the left, two sliding mirror doors made up the closet. To the right, a dark mahogany dresser lay against the wall. Nick was standing by the door, watching Ian admire the room.

    "I really do owe you alot for this, Nick.. the room is perfect by the way." Ian said, turning around to face Nick, a smile on his lips. "Don't mention it." Nick said smiling back, looking at his watch. "Woah, its 10:30pm already?" Nick said suprised, scratching the back of his head. "Well Ian, I'm glad the room is to your liking. If you need anything, my room is right across from yours..." he chuckled in a teasing way, watching Ian's face burn red as he looked at the floor and whispered a thank you. "Goodnight" Nick said, shutting the door behind him. "Yeah... good..night...." Ian said weakly.

    Dropping his bag on the floor, Ian collapsed on the bed, looking at the ceiling. So much had happened to him in just 3 days. As he lay there, he thought of how lucky he was to have someone like Nick around. Sure, it wouldn't have been bad to live in the school, but even he knows that sooner or later his secret would've been discovered. Sitting up, Ian looked through his bag, taking out the things necessary for tomorrow. Looks like I'm gunna be here for a few days... even so... how did he know about the bracelet? I can't have that answer waiting, but I can't ask him now either. Tomorrow, I'll ask him about it and surely he'll be able to explain to me why I have to wear it in the first place...


    Ian woke up to the sound of a familiar alarm clock ringing on the dresser. Smacking the alarm clock to the floor, he got up and went to his bag, taking out his toothbrush. Slowly he opened his door, looking around to see if Nick was anywhere to be seen.Seeing noone, he walked out and headed for the bathroom, where he showered and brushed his teeth. After getting dressed back in his room, Ian headed towards the living room. Last night he didn't notice it, but the kitchen was actually straight ahead from the hallway. Nick was sitting at the counter reading the newspaper, a coffee mug in one hand. "Good Morning." Ian said, smiling awkwardly. "Oh! You're awake. I made some breakfast, so go ahead and help yourself to anything you like." Nick said, smiling at Ian over the newspaper. "Oh!" he jumped, suddenly folding the newspaper closed and looking at Ian instensely. "I'm giving you a ride to school, am I right?" he asked happily. Ian sat across from him, putting an elbow on the counter and resting his jaw on his hand. "Well, I could just go in my motorcicle. I mean, I don't wanna cause any more trouble for you than I already have." he said, focusing his gaze on Nick's coffee mug, which had a Chibi-Vash on it. "Hmm... but wait. How are you gunna go in your motorcycle? If I'm correct, the last time I saw your bike, it was still over at the school parking lot." Nick said, with a puzzled look on his face. "........... oops." Ian said, smacking himself in the face. "Hehe, don't worry, Ian. I'll just give you a lift today, and you can come home in your bike." Nick said, smiling and taking a last sip from his coffee. "Thanks..." Ian said, looking down. "Anytime." Nick said, smiling.

    Along the car ride, Ian had slipped on the bracelet. Yeah, he didn't know the real reason as to why he had to wear it, but he wanted to keep his word to his mother and wear it atleast during school hours. Besides, he was already registered at the school as a female... not like he had much of a choice. He still had to ask Nick how in the world he knew about the bracelet... but now was not the time to ask him. He would have to ask him when they had enough time by themselves....

    "Well, you're lost in thought. Maybe you haven't noticed, but I've been waiting for you to get out of the car." nick said teasingly, laughing at Ian's expression of suprise to find them already at the school. "Jesus, Nick, do you drive fast, or do I really space off this often?" Ian thought outloud, scratching the back of his head as he got out of the car. " Nope. I'm not one to break the rules of traffic. Seems like you tend to live in the clouds during car rides..." Nick said, snickering at Ian's glare. "Well, I'm off to the classroom. You better not be late, young lady..." Nick said, walking off towards the office. Ian laughed, taking his backpack and swinging it over one shoulder, heading towards the student's parking lot. As he suspected, his motorcicle was still there. He ran towards it and hugged it obsessively, whispering silly 'I missed you's.

    "Wow! This bike is yours?!?!?!"

    Turning around, Ian saw Jason staring at the bike in awe. "Yep! This here is the love of my life." Ian said happily, patting the bike seat twice and grabbing his backpack once more. " I left it here over the night and I was just checking to see if it was alright. Anyhow, I'm of to class. Care to walk together, Jason?" Ian said happily, feeling better than he had in a while. "Sure!" Jason said happily, turning a bit red as he walked side by side with Ian. As they entered the classroom, an angry Marty met them at the doorway. "JASON, YOU BASTARD!!!" Marty yelled, making Jason jump. "Good morning..." Ian said softly, covering his ears." Oh... Sorry, Laura. I didn't mean to yell at you. Good morning to you too, by the way." Marty said, smiling at Ian in a friendly matter. "Anyways.... Jason. You and Geo are so dead. I WILL have my revenge on the both of you for ditching me with that... that... CRAZY doctor...." he said, suddenly shuddering at the memory of Doctor Jakey. "Aww, come on Marty! I'm sure it wasn't that bad..." Geo said from behind him, snickering with Jason. "That bad?? THAT BAD?!?!?!!? ARE YOU TWO INSANE?!!?!?? IT WAS HELL!!!!!!!!!" Marty yelled, grabbing his hair with both hands.

    "Alright class, settle down!" Nick said from his desk. Ian looked at him and smiled, heading for his assigned chair. As the class slowly settled down to its usual silent state, Nick stood up, looking through his desk drawers. "How about we begin by reviewing yesterday's physics work, eh?" he said happily, placing a blue book on his desk. "Alright, everyone go to page 296---"


    All the students turned to the door to see what the crashing noise was. However, the door was no longer standing. It now lay broken on the ground, dust slowly disappearing from around it. "Oh!!! This must be my class!!" said a cheerful voice from the doorway. A young girl with long white hair and a black hat came walking into the classroom smiling broadly. Her purple eyes looked around the room at all the students, as she headed slowly towards the teacher's desk. "Ahh. You must be Miss Lubbers." Nick said happily, a rather large sweatdrop over his head.

    Looks like I've got some explaining to do to the janitors about the door...

    "Yup! That's me!" said the mysterious girl, holding up a fist happily. "Welcome to class 1D, Miss Lubbers. I'm professor Killua, your teacher as you can see. Why don't you go ahead and make yourself comfortable taking a seat? We were just about to review the physics material from yesterday." Nick said politely, smiling at the girl. "I'm sorry for interrupting your class, Professor" said the girl, laughing and taking a seat infront of Ian.
    Nick began the class, discussing the material on vectors and two-dimensional motions. The girl infront of Ian, turned around and stared at Ian, who was taking notes attentively.

    "Heeeyyyy, I didn't know a girl was allowed to wear a boy's uniform here."

    Ian looked up from his notes to realize that the girl was talking to him. "I'm Rosie, what's your name?" she said sweetly. " I'm Laura, its nice to meet you." Ian said smiling. Leaning closer, Rosie spoke softly, "Well, Laura, as you probably know already, I'm new here... and um.. I was wondering if you could show me around the school during lunch... of course, if you don't want to, I understand--" " Sure! Why not?" said Ian smiling. For some reason, he felt like this girl was gunna be a good friend of his in the future. I suppose the hint to this was her confident smile.

    Class continued rather quickly as usual, and soon the lunch bell rang. Everyone in class stood up and left except Ian and Rosie. "Alright! Ready for me to show you around, Rosie?" Ian said happily, picking up his bag and swinging it over his shoulder. "Yup! I'm ready when you are." she said, smiling. "LEEEETS GOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" she yelled, grabbing Ian by the hand and running out of the classroom.
    After having lunch at the cafeteria, Ian wandered around school, helping Rosie get familiar with the place. As they walked in the courtyard, Ian saw a familiar gang of guys sitting on a bench. "Ooo! Who are they?" Rosie asked happily, pointing towards the guys. "Oh. That's just Mike and his friends." Ian said plainly, passing by them, only to be called by Mike. "Hey, Laura! Who's your friend?" Mike said, walking over to them.

    God damnit, not this guy again...

    "Mike, must you really hit on every girl you see?" said one of the guys from behind him. This brown haired, green eyed young guy was wearing a kilt in school, which caught Ian's eye. "Ahh, shut up Mark. I'm just curious about the girl, that's all. Besides, she did quite an entrance this morning in class. It's only natural that I would be curious." replied Mike, crossing his arms and facing Mark. Ian never noticed, but Rosie has disappeared from his side. She was now crouching behind Mark, holding a stick. "Well, I guess you're right.... but hey, some girls tend to be spunky, eh?" said Mark laughing. Mike laughed with him and suddenly stopped.

    "Hey man, whats wrong?" he asked Mark, who suddenly went serious.

    "What the--" turning around, Mark found Rosie crouching near him, pulling up his kilt with the stick in her hand.



    Rosie screamed and dropped the stick, running over to Ian and hiding behind him. "Laura, your friend is a total weirdo." said Mike, scratching his head and staring at Rosie. She was blushing madly, staring at Mark over Ian's shoulder with big purple eyes. Mark noticed Rosie staring at him and turned a bit red, smiling oddly at her. "Weird way to greet someone, but Hello anyway, hehe." he said smiling.

    "Well, its your own fault for wearing a kilt to school to begin with." Ian replied, pointing at his kilt with a weird look on his face.

    "Well, look who's talking. I'm not the one wearing a boy's uniform when I'm really a girl." Mark countered, pointing at Ian with the same look on his face.

    A large sweatdrop appeared over Ian's head.

    "So! Who's your friend?" asked Mark, looking at Rosie. "Oh... This is--" "I-I'm Rosie..." she said, moving to the side next to Ian, looking down at her feet blushing. "Cute name. You can call me Mark." chuckled Mark, scratching the back of his head and smiling at her.

    "Hey, Rosie, do you like root beer? I was just off to buy one anyway and I could use the nice company." said Markz, looking at the floor, a shy look on his face. Rosie looked up and grinned. "YES!" Running, she hopped on his back and held a fist in the air. "TO THE SODA MACHINES!" Mark laughed and held her legs, stomping off towards the cafeteria. "ARR MATEY, WE ARE ON A MISSION!"

    Ian couldn't help but laugh. Rosie really was someone incredible. She had this confident atmosphere around her that allowed everyone around her to feel comfortable. Even now, as he watched her and Mark disappear into the cafeteria, he could feel that relief he felt around her.



    "Oh, nothing, hehe."

    "Oh. Okay."

    Stretching, Ian yawned and wandered off. He didn't want to be near Mike at the moment, especially since he was constantly hitting on him.... which grossed him out.

    As Ian walked around the school, he decided to just go to the classroom. He didn't have alot of time left for lunch anyway, and Rosie and him ate already. He walked in to find the classroom completely empty except for Nick, who was eating lunch at his desk by himself. "Oh! It's you, Ian." he said happily.

    "I'm sorry to interrupt your lunch, but... do you mind if I stay here until the bell rings? I don't really have anywhere else to go..."

    "No, No! I don't mind at all, hehe. Besides, I could use with the company anyway."

    Ian sat on the edge of the desk, humming softly. I guess right now would be a good time to ask him about the bracelet...

    "Nick, I was wondering... exactly how do you know about the--"


    Stomping in the classroom came Mark with Rosie still on her back. They were both holding up cans of root beer laughing. "Lauuuraaaaaaaa you disappeared!" Rosie said, hopping on to the floor and clinging to Ian's arm, a sad look on her face. "Err... I'm sorry, haha, I just came here cause I thought you would find me here the easiest." Ian said smiling and patting her on the head. "Well, I found you... hahahahaha" she said, hugging him around the middle and letting go. Mark was standing by the doorway drinking his root beer, eyes closed. Rosie took this chance to tackle him to the floor, sending his root beer flying in the air.


    "Haha, Man, she's really something." Ian said outloud. "That she is..." Nick said, remembering the rather unforgettable entrance she did this morning, causing a sweatdrop to appear over his head again.

    Soon after the bell rang. and the rest of the class came in to settle down for Literature. Time once again flew by during the class, and soon enough the bell rang. "Alright, for tomorrow, I want you guys to read chapter 3 on your literature books. See you guys tomorrow morning!" Nick said, closing the book he was holding and taking off his glasses. As the room emptied out, Ian stayed sitting on his desk, watching Nick as he cleaned up his desk, putting everything away. Walking over to the front of his desk, he leaned against it and watched the last student leave the classroom cautiously. "So...Ian. Are you planning on going home in your bike?" Nick said softly, crossing his arms infront of him, one hand still holding his glasses. "Yeah... But, are you sure motorcycles are allowed in the parking lot at your building?" Ian asked, taking his bag and walking over to Nick. "Yep. I talked it out this morning with the apartment manager before you woke up." he said, turning around and taking his briefcase. "Ahh.... smart, hehe."

    "I'll race ya home, Ian."

    "YOU'RE ON!!"


    "Damn, you are fast on that bike!"

    "Hahahahaha, FEAR MY L337 BIK3 5KILL5!!"

    Walking out of the elevator, Ian and Nick headed for the apartment. Unlocking the door, Nick walked in and took off his shoes. Ian did the same and ran off to his room to drop off his bag. He took off his bracelet and looked at his familiar male self in the mirror.

    "Hey Ian! Are ya hungry?"


    "I said! Are you hungry?"


    "I SAID ARE YOU---"

    "I heard ya." Ian said laughing, walking over to join Nick at the kitchen counter. "Nah, Im not really hungry." he said, smiling at Nick. "Actually...." he said, suddenly turning very serious.

    "Nick, I wanted to ask you something very important."

    Nick popped his head over the fridge door chewing on an oatmeal cookie.


    "........How did you know about the bracelet and it's power?" Ian asked curiously, looking intensely at Nick's blue eyes. Nick swallowed his cookie and looked at Ian seriously. "I was waiting for you to ask me that." he said slowly, closing the fridge door and sitting infront of Ian. "Looks like I've got a story to tell."

    Sitting across from Nick, Ian sat still, ready to accept everything Nick was going to tell him from here on. However, he couldn't help feeling nervous. he was finally going to find out the real secret behind the bracelet....

    Shadow Fox - April 7, 2005 07:56 PM (GMT)
    Chapter 5: A Promise

    So many questions circled their way around Ian's head that night. After finally hearing the reason why his life had to take such a drastic turn, he ended up with more doubts rather than answers. Sure, Nick had explained many important things about the bracelet... but what Ian still didn't know was how he knew all of it...

    Letting out a sigh, Ian laid on his back in his bed, staring at the ceiling. He still couldn't shake off the thought of Nick's words that night. Sometimes he even feared the thought that Nick might know more about him than he knows about himself. He spoke so normally, his eyes never leaving his as he told him the secrets of the bracelet. Those alluring blue eyes...
    Shaking his head, he blurred out the image. He looked up at the clock on his night table and saw that it was almost 2am. I really need to stop thinking about this before I get a headache... *sigh*... well, I guess there isnt much that can be done now. Besides, I promised mom I would wear it. Also if I don't...

    Placing his hand over his heart, Ian let his eyes close as he tried to welcome sleep, but failed to do so.


    The next morning, Ian awoke to the sound of a shower running.Yawning, he sat on the side of his bed, remembering the previous night. He spent it tossing and turning in his bed, trying to sleep and to stop thinking about the bracelet. As he stretched and scratched his head, he suddenly realized that his door was wide open. That's weird... I always close my door before I go to sleep, he thought, slowly standing and walking towards the sound of the running water coming from the bathroom. He was suprised when he found the bathroom door completely open as well, revealing a dark shadow behind the shower curtain. It didn't take Ian long to realize that Nick was humming in the shower. As he stood there, listening to the soft melody, he couldn't help but feel that he had heard it somewhere before...

    The sound of the shower curtain shifting to the side snapped Ian out of his trance, making him jerk his eyes up. However, the sight that met his eyes made him turn red in the face.
    Standing in the shower, wearing nothing but a towel around his slim waste, stood Nick. As he stepped out, he was still humming, when he suddenly looked up to meet Ian in the eye, the young boy's face a deep shade of red.


    Ian stood frozen to the spot as he watched Nick slowly walk towards him, water drops sliding down his bare chest with each step that he took, a worried look on his face. Oh God, Ian what are you doing?!?!!? You gotta get out! Just apologize for being the nosy bastard that you are and LEAVE!

    "Ian, is something wrong? What's the matter?"

    Nick was now standing still infront of Ian, his hands resting on the boy's shoulders as he waited for a reply from him.


    Ian suddenly felt himself sinking in those gentle blue orbs that looked down at his eyes...

    This can't be happening....

    "I'm sorry, Nick..." whispered Ian, slowly backing away and running off to his room. Nick stood there without understanding what was going on. Did he do or say anything to offend Ian? Maybe it was....

    ...........Do I really look that bad half-naked?

    Breathing heavily, Ian stood panting against his door. What in the world was wrong with him? Things were no different than they were yesterday. So why did he react that way when he saw Nick? He let his body slump to the floor, his brown hair veiling his flushed face as he looked down. Closing his eyes, he remembered Nick's words to him the previous night.

    "I'll protect you, Ian... no matter what, I'll always be here for you... I promise..."

    Shaking his head, he stood up and looked at the bracelet on his night table. There were still so many things that he didn't know. He felt like he was still kept in the dark about so many things, but then again, he also felt like he was better off not knowing. Nick had told him alot on the night before, but perhaps he didn't tell him all that he knew to protect him from something... but why? Why did he feel like he needed to protect Ian so badly?
    "I know you want to protect me, Nick... but the question is... can you?" Ian spoke softly to the empty room, sitting on the edge of the bed and sinking his fingers in his hair as he once again, looked at the floor.

    Standing outside Ian's door was Nick, who was listening to the young boy think. He places a gentle hand on the door, a worried look on his face. He wanted to open the door and tell Ian that he COULD protect him... but he didn't want to bring more discomfort than he already had. He wasn't going to give up, though. He made a promise to him and he was going to keep it no matter what. Even if the past is repeated once more...


    "G'mornin' Laura!"

    "Huh? Oh... morning, Rosie."

    Walking by the cheerful girl, Laura headed to her chair and settled in. Rosie frowned and followed her, taking her seat in front of her.

    "Laura, what's wrong?"


    Laura looked at Rosie and smiled, reassuring her that she was perfectly fine. However, that smile soon faded the moment she saw Nick walk in the room saying his usual 'Good Morning'. Sinking in her chair, Laura felt a familiar heat rise up to her face as she eyed Nick approaching his desk. Trying to focus on Nick, she forgot that Rosie was still looking at her. Rosie looked from Laura to Nick, her features confused. Suddenly, her expression changed as her purple eyes grew wide and she smiled.

    ".....oohhhh, I see what's going on."

    "Huh? You do?"

    "Of course!" said she girl happily, taking a look around the room and moving close to Laura's ear.

    "You have feelings for the professor, don't you?" she whispered softly, placing a hand on her friend's shoulder.


    "I'll protect you, Ian..."

    "I..." whispered laura, directing her gaze at Nick. For a moment, their eyes met. Nick looked at her, his sharp blue eyes becoming soft and gentle as he stared at her. Laura once again felt the familiar sinking feeling that she felt whenever she stared at him. She quickly broke the eye contact and stared at her desk. Turning around, Nick grabbed his glasses from his bag and slipped them on. When he turned around again, the class was completely silent.
    "Well class, it seems that you have P.E. first period. Please remember to take your things with you to the gym." he said, smiling at the faces that stared back at him.
    "Aww man, this sucks. The coach is gunna make us do that endurance run training again." sighed Marty, leaning back on his chair. "Well, its better if we train anyway. Besides, you don't want what happened last year to happen again, do you?" said Geo, smirking at Marty as Jason snickered behind him.
    ".............SHUT UP, GEO!" yelled Marty, storming off towards the gym. Jason and Geo laughed together as they both remembered what occured to Marty during the last endurance run. Marty was in the lead of everyone. However, because of him running and looking back to snicker smartass comments to everyone behind him, he ran straight into a restriction zone in the street and fell down a man hole...

    Raising an eyebrow, Rosie looked over at Jason and Geo as they both began to laugh again. She shook her head and returned her attention to her friend, who was still looking at the scratched surface of her desk. "We'll talk about this later, okay?" spoke Rosie, softly patting her friend's shoulder as they both stood and headed out towards the door. As Laura walked behind Rosie, she stole a glance at Nick and found that he was staring at her. She froze and felt herself turn red again.

    "No matter what I'll always be here for you..."

    Looking away, she quickly left the room with her friend, leaving Nick to stare after her as she exited his classroom. He sighed and leaned back on his chair, removing his glasses as he closed his eyes. "Looks like this is gunna be harder than I thought..." he spoke softly, opening his eyes and staring at the ceiling.


    "Oi! You two, wait up!"

    Laura and Rosie turned in the hallway to find a jogging Mark calling after them, making Rosie blush prettily as the boy joined them in their walk towards the gym. Laura watched as Rosie and Mark talked about the upcoming festival at the school. However, her thoughts wandered elsewhere as she slowed her walk to follow them.

    "You have feelings for the professor, don't you?"

    As she looked at Rosie from behind, the simple question rang in Laura's head, making her remember the night before. As she stared at the couple infront of her walking side by side, talking normally and smiling, she began to question why she was the one who had to change so much. All she wanted was a normal life and she couldn't have it. Why was she the one cursed with the bracelet, while others around her were able to live their lives normally without such worries?
    As she thought about this, she glanced down at the silver object surrounding her wrist, its smooth surface shinning a soft pale blue. She wished she could just rid herself of the object, but she knew that if she did so, the price woudn't be pretty. Lowering her sleeve to cover the cursed object, she looked ahead and dismissed all her wondering thoughts as she joined Mark and Rosie in a friendly conversation.

    "So! Laura, what are your plans for this year's festival?" asked the cheery boy, smiling broadly at her as they exited the school building and began walking across the grassy campus towards the gym. Laura gave him a quizzical look that showed she didn't know what he was talking about. However, lucky for her, Rosie explained to her all about the school festival that was soon to happen in just one week.

    "Most of us usually end up helping in the stands around the campus here, but I think that our class president might end up naming some crazy idea." said Rosie, looking ahead and smiling normally. " Hmm.. it sounds like it'll be fun though... considering that I love pirates to begin with." said Mark happily, snickering and nudging Rosie on the side, causing her to giggle as she imagined the young scotsman wearing a captain's hat and an eye patch.

    Laura smiled at both of them then exhaled as she said "I guess I don't know what I'm gunna be doing..."

    "I hope we end up in groups. It would make things more fun if you are able to work with friends by your side, don't you think?" said Rosie, taking a pause in her steps to stand infront of them both and smile broadly with her hands behind her.

    Mark and Laura looked at one another before smiling at Rosie and nodding in agreement.

    "You know what would be awesome? If we could build a ship..."

    "Yeah! With sails and everything!"

    "And we could show it off to whoever comes to the festival!"

    "HEY! Maybe we should report this idea to the class president! Afterall, he DID say we could come up to him and suggest ideas," said Mark, looking for approval on the girl's faces. Laura and Rosie instantly agreed as they continued their discussion about their newest idea as they walked into the gym.


    Back at the gym, class 1-D settled on the bleachers as friends spoke cheerfully to one another. Among those friends, Mark, Laura, Rosie, Jason and Geo sat huddled together in a corner discussing the upcoming festival. Geo and Jason had overheard Mark talking about the idea of building a ship when they entered the gym earlier. Both boys found the idea rather interesting, so they gave him ideas about it. The gym was completely empty when the class had arrived, so they were waiting for the coach to arrive for the class to begin.

    "Okay, okay... so your plan is to build it out of wood entirely, Mark?" asked a curious Jason, leaning foward to rest his elbows on his legs.

    "Yeah, more or less...Obviously, we can't make it very heavy. So I plan on using thin planks for the sides. The deck, however, has to be strong, considering that the crew needs to walk on it..." said Mark slowly, rubbing his chin as he thought about what else could be planned for the ship.

    "Hmm... well, considering that this ship has to be on solid ground, we could just cover the floor inside it with brown paper and we can build wooden boxes and stuff to make the different levels on it," suggested Laura, scratching her head as she imagined her idea.

    "Not a bad idea... would certainly make things easier too.Well, Im sure we'll end up having more ideas once we figure out what we could use for the ship." said Mark happily, huddling closer as he said this.

    "Hey, I take it we are gunna be part of the crew, right?" asked Rosie, looking at Mark.

    "Well of course. Now, who should be captain?"

    "Thats a pretty good question...."

    They all sat down in silence as they thought about who could take the position of Captain on the ship. They all knew that Mark would be an excellent candicate, since he totally idolized anything to do with pirates such as Captain Jack Sparrow....

    Laura smiled around thinking of how amusing it would be to see Nick dressed as the Captain of the ship. As she giggled softly at the image of him wearing a big hat along with an eyepatch, everyone turned their attention at her, curiosity striking each face.

    "What's so funny, Laura?" asked Geo, smiling at her as everyone around her waited for her reply.

    Still smiling, Laura sighed and softly shook her head, scratching her head as she looked down at her shoes. She didn't know why Nick was the first person to pop up in her mind, but she was too busy imagining him in that hat and that eyepatch to give it any actual thought.

    "DUDE! Lets make our professor the Captain! Afterall, I'm pretty sure he'll want to support us at the festival", said Geo, grinning at everyone.

    "You know, thats actually a pretty good idea... But remember, this is still a minor idea we are still working on. I think we should find the right time and suggest this plan to the class president," said Mark, moving a little closer to the small group as he spoke.

    "Or, we could announce our idea together at the class meeting next week," advised Rosie happily, smiling at Mark.

    "Or that..." he said, red staining his cheeks lighlty as he scratched his head and smiled at Rosie.

    "So then its settled. We'll mention our idea at the class meeting next week and hope its accepted!" said Rosie, standing up and stretching her fist in the air.

    The young group cheered loudly, all of them standing as they threw their hands in the air.


    "What in the world are you guys doing?"


    "Dude! About time that ya cooled off, man." said Jason, smiling as Marty approached the group, his hands in his pockets.

    "Yeah, well, I'm not gunna stay mad forever, ya know." he said lazily, standing infront of Geo and Jason to look at then sitting down.

    Geo and Jason looked at eachother and smirked. Somehow, they always enjoyed messing with Marty's temper, since he easily lost control over it. Not only that, they found it to be such a simple task as well.

    "...are you sure about that?"

    "Afterall, I DID remind you of prehaps one of the most embarrasing moments of your highschool year..."

    "True, true...."


    Sitting behind Geo and Jason, Laura watched as Marty's anger slowly arose to the surface. His fist began to clench by his sides as he inhaled deeply and then sighed slowly, smirking at Geo and Jason.

    "I guess we all have our unfortunate moments, don't we?"

    Looking at eachother, Geo and Jason nodded, smiling a bit. However, their smiles faded the moment Marty grabbed them both by their uniforms and pulled them towards him, a rather sinister glow shinning in his dark blue eyes.

    "And trust me, I'll make sure you two have a memory to remember as well," he growled, shoving them back as he let go of their uniforms and returned his hands to his pockets, his calm and collected demeanor returning.

    "Oi! The coach is here!"

    The class settled to silence as the coach approached them. Standing a good 5'11", Coach Jawn stopped a few feet away from his class to gaze around them in silence, his grey eyes wandering among his students. He had strikingly young facial features for a teacher, but he had an athletic figure that proved he had earned his position as the coach of the school.

    "Well, as you already know, the anual endurance run is approaching. We still have enough time to train all of you well, so I don't plan on wasting any time. We'll begin our training today at the track field just outside the gym, so go and get ready. And remember," he called, as he watched his class stand up and head over to the changing lockers. "I accept ZERO slackers!"

    "Yeah, yeah..." Marty grumbled, opening the locker door and joining the rest of the guys inside.

    Back at the girl's locker rooms, Laura was trying her hardest not to let her *male* hormones kick in. The whole time she was changing from her uniform, she concentrated her gaze on the floor. Don't look around, Don't look around, Don't look around, Don't look around She finished changing into her P.E. uniform quickly and left the locker panting, her dark brown bangs veiling her flushed face. "Man, I'm glad I had some self-control...", she whispered shakily.

    As she walked towards the track field, she wiped the blood off her nose.


    "Alright, lets get started."

    The class was standing around their coach in the middle of the track field as they listened to him talking about his hopes to beat the endurance run records of other competitive highschools. After listening to the spirited speech, he began to instruct the class to run 5 laps for now. "Don't forget to stretch before starting, you guys. I don't want anyone to get hurt cause they didn't warm up first," he said casually, placing a hand on his hips and pointing around everyone.

    Laura was stretching when she felt someone gazing at her. She paused for a moment, letting the familiar feeling sink in before she looked around. Everyone else was stretching as well, so why did she feel eyes on her? Shaking her heard, she reached her arms up in the air and stretched from side to side. Joining the rest of the class, she began to jog at Jason and Geo's side, listenng to them talking.

    "Nice of you to join us, Laura!" Jason said happily, jogging by her side as they neared the first curve.

    "Oi! Marty! Someone seems to have his eyes on ya from affar, eh?" said Geo snickering.

    Marty was jogging ahead of the three of them. He paused in his jog to look around when he noticed him. Back at the school building, on the second window on the second floor, Doctor Jakey was standing, his chin resting on his hand as he watched Marty from affar with a slight smirk on his face. The moment Marty looked at the school doctor, he turned a nasty shade of blue and began to run faster, passing by an unsuspecting Mark and Rosie.

    "Hey, Hey HEY!! MARTY, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!? YOU ONLY GOTTA JOG AROUND, NOT RUN!" yelled the coach, following Marty angrily as he dashed by him, heading towards the boy's locker rooms. "MARTY, WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU--"



    Coach Jawn stood on the edge of the track field staring at the slammed locker room door, his mouth still open from yelling at Marty.


    Stoping for a moment from her jogging and turning her head, Laura looked at the school building, but she didn't see Doctor Jakey at the window anymore. Instead, as her gaze wandered window by window, she noticed a pair of familiar blue eyes looking straight at her. Nick was leaning his shoulder gently against the wall, looking at her out the window of his classroom. Suddenly, she felt her face start to glow red at the memory of him only wearing a towel around his waist.

    "Woah, Laura, you're red! Maybe you should stop running for a while," said a suprised Jason, a worried look on his face as he paused running to stand by Laura and look at her. "Huh? O-oh.... Yeah. maybe I should," she mumbled, walking towards the coach and asking him for a break. As she walked towards the locker room, she suddenly felt eyes on the back of her head. She paused to look back at the window again and noticed that Nick was still looking at her, his pose exactly the same. She quickly looked away and began to walk faster.

    She entered the empty room and walked up to her locker. She held the lock in her hand and after a while of just looking at it, she rested her forehead against the cold metal of the locker. Closing her eyes, she placed her other hand on her heart, recalling the captivating gaze that assaulted her mind. "Man, why is my heart racing so much? I need to get a hold of myself because at this rate, I dont think I'll be able to live with him under the same roof..." she spoke to the empty room, letting go of the lock and turning around to press her back against the locker.


    "Oh! Welcome back, everyone."

    Nick sat on the edge of his desk reading when he looked up to notice his class returning from an exhausting P.E. class. After letting everyone settle in, he began his own class, discussing last night's literature assignment with everyone. Laura sat at her seat looking out the window, listening to the different opinions that her classmates spoke to Nick. She was trying not to look at Nick because for some reason, it made her uneasy. However, those blue eyes still haunted her mind from when she saw him gazing down at her from the window. Letting these thoughts bother her was really futile. Afterall, she lived with the guy, meaning that sooner or later, she was gunna have to face him whether she liked it or not.

    The bell rang announcing lunch to everyone. Looking up, Laura looked suprised at hearing the bell so fast. Heh.. I guess I'm really out of it then.

    "Laura, are ya coming?"

    Rosie was standing by the doorway waiting for her friend to join her to go downstairs. She glanced at Professor and noticed that he was gazing at Laura from the top of his book. Smiling at herself, she swung an arm around Laura's shoulders as they headed downstairs to join Mark and the others at the cafeteria.

    For the rest of the lunch period, they all spend it laughing and enjoying their meals together, ocasionally discussing more ideas for the ship. Laura was happy that she had these friends around her to help her forget her problems. For the moment, all she wanted to do was stay there, sitting around them all, laughing and smiling as they spoke about how the costumes should be if the idea was a success. Alot of students around them were staring due to the fact that they were all huddled in together at the table, talking in whispers every now and then. But what caught their attention the most was the outbursts of laughter that escaped from them as they all sat back once again, laughing together.

    This is so nice... I guess this year isn't going that bad for me afterall....

    Once again, the sound of a bell caught their attention announcing the end of their lunch period. The young group stood together and headed to class, still laughing about their conversations back at the cafeteria. Even Laura was in a good mood as she entered Professor Killua's classroom and settled in her seat, still laughing with Rosie. Nick noticed that the young group was in a good mood, so he let his class run smoothly, not giving any homework for the weekend.


    After hearing the screeching of desks and the sounds of happy voices leave his classroom, Nick noticed that Laura was the last one left in the room. She had her back turned to him, completely unaware of his presence.


    The sound of the all too familiar name made Laura freeze in the middle of her packing, turning around to finally notice that the room was unoccupied except for her and Nick. Her brown gaze met a blue one, as Nick approached her slowly, closing his eyes as he took off his reading glasses. He stopped exactly two feet from her, gazing down at her.

    "I believe you owe me an explanation for the little incident back home this morning." he said softly, crossing his arms infront of him as he stood there, towering over her, waiting for an answer.

    "I-I didn't mean to make you angry, Nick, I just--"

    "Angry? Why would I be angry?" he interrupted suddenly, looking at her with confused blue eyes as he smiled softly at her.

    "...I don't know." She lowered her head to look down at the floor, avoiding his gaze. Now she really felt humiliated. Why was she making such a big deal out of it? Afterall, the only reason she went in the bathroom in the first place was because the melody he was humming sounded familiar....

    "Listen, Ian, it's alright. You don't have to apologize for anything. Besides," he said, reaching a hand up to scratch the back of his head, grinning widely, ",I left the door completely open..."

    Laura looked up and smiled softly up at Nick. His smile really was a contagious one. Lowering his hand, Nick reached for Laura's arm, and slipped the sleeve up to reveal the glowing bracelet to his eyes.

    "W-What are you doing?"

    "Oh nothing... just checking to see that its working properly," he said, suddenly taking off the bracelet. Nick shielded his eyes as a soft glow suddenly surrounded Laura's body to reveal Ian, now in his normal form, standing before Nick.

    "AAH! Nick, you can't just do this! What if someone sees me?!?!" Ian panicked, looking around and out the windows, making sure that noone saw the transformation.


    Ian froze at the sound of his name being said. He turned around and face Nick, reading a serious face as he slowly sat on a desk and directed his gaze out the window.

    "I know that last night was hard for you, Ian. I wanted... you to know, that I was serious about what I said," he spoke slowly, turning his head to face Ian.

    " said?"

    "About protecting you."

    For a long moment, Ian stood there, looking at Nick in silence. A familiar feeling began to settle in his stomache as he remembered the previous night.

    I'll protect you, Ian... no matter what, I'll always be here for you... I promise...

    "You can't...."

    Ian clenched his fists by his side as he looked at the floor, his brown hair veiling his eyes.He suddenly jerked his gaze at Nick, anger written on his features.

    "What makes you think you can? Noone can! This is a curse that I have to suffer alone, and I promise YOU I'll make sure it stays that way!" he yelled angrily, grabbing his things and leaving Nick to stand alone in his classroom. Letting out a sigh, Nick closed his eyes and placed his hand over them, mad at himself for angering Ian.

    "And you still don't know half of it...."


    Walking by the school gates, Ian continued to walk, not paying attention to where he was headed. All he could think of was how Nick could just choose to protect him. He didn't want protection.... he didn't need it. Afterall, as long as he wore the bracelet, everything was fine...... right?

    As he continued to walk angrily, he ran into an empty park. Feeling slightly more relaxed than before, he dropped his stuff on a nearby bench and walked around with his hands in his pockets. He reached the swings and sat on one of them, sighing as he tried not to think of what had just happened. Looking up, he noticed a small bird on a branch, picking at its feathers softly.

    Looking away, he focused on the view ahead of him.... the ocean. The gentle breeze passed by his cheeks, cooling him down and relaxing his tense composure as he swayed on the swing from side to side slowly. ".... I can be such an idiot sometimes." he said to himself, leaning his head on one of the chains from the swing, closing his eyes as he began to remember the previous night.


    "........How did you know about the bracelet and it's power?" Ian asked curiously, looking intensely at Nick's blue eyes. Nick swallowed his cookie and looked at Ian seriously. "I was waiting for you to ask me that." he said slowly, closing the fridge door and sitting infront of Ian. "Looks like I've got a story to tell."

    Waiting, Ian sat facing Nick, ready to finally hear the reason as to why this bracelet, this curse, had to be a part of his life.

    "As you already know, this bracelet turns you into a girl the moment you slip it on." he said, leaning back on his chair and looking at Ian. "Yeah... I kinda noticed that.." Ian said, scratching the back of his head, remembering how he found out. "But.. why? Why did my mother tell me to wear it? And why is it so important?"

    "Ian, have you ever wondered about your ancestors?"

    The question kinda took him off guard for a moment, then he slowly shook his head, looking at Nick with curious eyes. He always knew that his family has an inmense generation, but nothing more....

    Swallowing the lump in his throat, Ian asked Nick to tell him about his family, or atleast what he knew.

    "Your family, Ian, has one hell of a past, let me tell you that." Nick said sighing, staring up at the ceiling. "But alright. I'll tell you what I know."

    "About 600 years ago, your family ran a farming commerce back in Scotland. They were one of the wealthiest families around, not to mention one of the most generous. They always gave to the ones who were in need and slowly, their kindness began to get well-known all around. Each year, they would get together and donate food and supplies to the poor villages that surrounded most of their home. However, not all was happy after 3 years."

    "At some point, the younger generations of your family began to die mysteriously at the age of 17. After much research, they found out that for some odd reason, their immunity system would just give out, making them vulnerable to everything around them. Even the air they breathed was a hazard to their health. Noone knew what to do to stop their immunity systems from giving out mysteriously. Everyone seeked help whenever they noticed a child get ill, but they were never able to save anyone...."

    Nick paused to look at Ian, and noticed that his hands were shaking. However, his expression remained the same. He nodded to let Nick know to continue and so he did.

    "As we've spoken in our history class, many alchemists roamed the lands during those time periods. Since your family had given up hope on science, they seeked for new help, this time from a well-known alchemist named Shinta. He lived in a cottage not far from one of the neighboring villages, so finding him wasn't hard. A father brought his dying son to this alchemist, asking for help from him. At first, all Shinta did was a check-up on the young boy, making sure that it WAS his immunity system that wasn't working. After making sure of this, the father gave him some suprising news. He told him that it only happenend to the young boys from the family. The women and girls remained healthy for the rest of their lives, but the young boys never made it past the age of 17."

    Ian froze in his seat, a sudden fear showing in his eyes as he looked down at his lap. He had recieved the bracelet at the age of 17.... does that mean that--

    "After hearing this," Nick interrupted Ian's thoughts, making him jerk his gaze back to Nick. "Shinta made up his mind, and told the father to return with the boy in 3 days to the same cottage. When he returned, he presented the young boy with the bracelet, and told him to put it on. The male suddenly turned into a young girl infront of his father. Of course, the alchemist smoothly explained to him that turning the young boys into girls would be the only way to save them from death. He told him that they needed to wear the bracelet for atleast two years, so that their immunity system could reach its strength point and won't go weak again..."

    Suddenly standing, Nick walked over to the couch and slumped in it, leaning his head back and closing his eyes. Ian stood as well, and sat next to him, his expression looking like that of a person in a trance.

    "So let me get this straight..." Ian said slowly, continuing to look ahead, deep in thought. "The bracelet basically prevents my immunities from weakening by turning me into a girl?"

    "Yep.... thats why it was passed down to you at this age, Ian." said Nick, turning his head a bit to look at Ian think. "Its been passed down from one generation to the next, and as you can see, you were the next one." he finished, leaning foward and resting his arms on his legs.

    For a long moment, Ian just sat next to Nick, letting all that he had just explained to him sink in. If he didn't wear the bracelet like he was supposed to, he would die. He shuddered at the thought of his body suddenly weakening, when suddenly Nick placed a strong hand on his shoulder. "Ian, listen to me" he said slowly, making the boy face him as he said this. Ian felt Nick's other hand hold his other shoulder and push him gently down on the couch as he leaned over him, their faces so close that he could feel his warm breath tickle his face. Ian was now sinking into Nick's blue gaze, feeling his face burn as Nick suddenly moved near his ear and said something that gave his stomache a funny feeling.

    "I'll protect you, Ian... no matter what, I'll always be here for you..." he said, suddenly cupping Ian's face and locking his gaze with his, leaning in, as he whispered the last words, "I promise..."

    Ian suddenly felt Nick's lips on his own, and he couldn't help but shiver at the soft contact. This warmth, this unfamiliar feeling, began to build up inside of him as he shyly began to kiss him back, sliding his hands up his chest and around his neck, letting himself sink into Nick's warmth.....

    ~*~End of Flashback~*~

    Ian felt himself burn red as he remembered Nick's kiss. Ever since he started living with him, he had begun to feel unfamiliar feelings, ones of warmth and comfort, and even now, he didn't know wether to let himself submit to these feelings, of try to fight them off.
    Standing up, he shook his head and looked at the setting sun over the ocean, the gentle breeze bringing him back to reality. "I can't be thinking about this at the moment... I said things that he didn't deserve to hear....", he said slowly, looking at the ground. "He only offered help..." he whispered softly, "I have to tell him I'm sorry," he said quickly, walking over to the bench and taking his bag, running out of the park.
    He ran by streets with stores and blinding lights, everything looking to him like a blurr as he ran straight by the school gates and stopped to look at his motorcycle, still parked in the students parking lot. Putting on the green helmet, he hopped on and kicked the engine to life. He raced out of the school and headed towards his new home, a sudden rush to see Nick elevating as he drove.


    Sighing, Nick opened the door that lead to his balcony and looked at the setting sun. He was afraid of welcoming Ian back and seeing his anger again. He decided that he wasn't going to let this get worse, so once Ian got home, he would apologize for putting him in an uncomfortable position. Why did he have to bring it up? Well, he knew why...

    He just wanted Ian to know he was there for him...

    The sound of a motorcycle pulling in the apartment's parking lot caught his attention, and he leaned over the balcony edge just in time to see a green helmet disappear under the building.

    "He's home..." Nick whispered, shaking his head and walking back into the apartment, shutting the balcony door behind him. He could hear the elevator door open outside as running footsteps approached the front door. Nick stood in the hallway, staring at the door.

    Ian opened the door, breathing hard and leaning against the door frame. He looked up to see Nick staring at him, confusion in his eyes.

    "Ian I-"

    "Don't... say that... you're sorry...." said Ian, still breathing hard as he suddenly moved close to Nick to hug him fiercely. "I didn't mean any of it, Nick, I swear--"

    "Its alright, Ian..."

    "No its not, I..."

    Ian looked up and noticed that Nick was smiling at him. Nick gently placed a hand on Ian's cheek and leaned down to capture his lips with a soft kiss. Ian felt his toes curl as he kissed Nick back. He gently began to push Nick over to the couch and made him sit down on it, his lips still locked on his as he straddled him. Nick gasped against Ian's mouth, sliding his hands around his middle to pull him closer and they both sank into the warmth of their kisses....

    Suddenly, Ian's stomache let out a loud growl, causing both of them ot freeze.

    Laughing to himself, Ian scratched the back of his head, a silly grin on his face. "Heheh.... Guess I'm pretty hungry..."

    "I ordered pizza earlier. It's in the fridge."

    Slowly standing up, Ian stood infront of Nick and smiled at him. He then walked over to the kitchen, opening the fridge and finding the pizza Nick mentioned.

    Nick was still sitting at the couch, leaning back and letting his eyes close. He was thinking of Ian's situation and his wondering thoughts led to one that made him sigh.

    He's better off not knowing my involvement in the situation..... for now, atleast......

    ****End of Chapter****

    First of all, I want to apologize for the long upkeep.... >< Ive been pretty busy with school and such, not to mention a bunch of crap that has to do with my family. Anyhow, This is it! More will come soon enough... once I think of what else to write, that is... oO;;;

    In this chapter, its a bit differetn because I actually used Laura as a person, instead of Ian. I was told it would be less confusing if it was done this way, so I tested it out in this chapter. You guys let me know if it confuses ya ^^

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