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Discussion in 'Roleplayer's Realm' started by Shannon Apple, May 28, 2016.

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    Below are some basic guidelines for running an RP that have been discussed among many of you who post in the Realm. If anyone has anything that they'd like to see added to this, please let us know.


    GMs can choose to deviate slightly to suit their own Role Plays, but these set of guidelines are here to ensure that games are kept moving and people are having fun in their respective games. An RP is usually a commitment of several months. If you create one, you are doing so under the belief that you will have the time to continue it to completion.​

    1. The GM (Game Master) is the moderator of their own RP. This means that they should be able to deal with minor problems as they arise, such as solving player disputes within their RP. The GM can be the decider if the dispute is related to story direction for instance. The GM reserves the right to eject a player from their RP as a last resort where a player is causing continuous drama for other participants, or isn't participating. If the player continues to be problematic after being ejected, please contact a forum moderator.​

    2. The GM will usually have a skeleton of how the story is going to progress, which they normally use to keep the story on track, which is recommended.

    3. A GM may negotiate their own rules based on this with the players in their RP. More advanced RPers may be content with longer timeframes. This is just a guideline and it is advisable for people who are new to GM'ing to add a time deadline to turns so player interest remains.

    - Turns are normally sequential, but depends on the GMs own rules. If a player doesn't post within 72 hours of the last post in the IC on their turn, they will be skipped unless they have asked for an extra day or so in the OOC. If it happens for a second time in a row, the GM may bunny their character just enough to keep the story moving. If it happens for a third time in succession, the GM may consider that the player no longer wishes to participate and may write the character out of the RP or have someone else to continue the character. The GM may choose at his/her own discretion to move the character for a few turns before kicking it/finding someone to run it.

    4. GMs should appoint someone within their RP that could take over in the event that they are inactive unexpectedly. If a GM has not appointed someone, and is missing for more than 10 days without prior notice, the players should take a vote and appoint an acting GM to keep the game moving.​
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