How Cells Work

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    Hey Animates,

    How's it going? I was putzing around YouTube the other day and discovered a cute anime
    that those in the medical field out there in Anime Land might like. It is called How Cells Work
    and it's basically an amime where all the cells are human going about keeping the body moving
    with the action occasionally stopped to describe a cell or virus. The red blood cells are men and
    women dressed as delivery people carrying packages throughout the body, the white bloods cells
    are commandos attacking the viruses and the pallates are school age children who build scabs
    and other things to heal the cut. The doctors who watch this anime say it's an accurate way to
    describe how things go. I'm curious to see how smoking and diabetes might be dealt with.
    Any thoughts?
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    I liked it. It's a good looking show with a neat premise. It is very episodic though and, while it might have interfered with the informational content, I thought it could have used more character development. Definitely worth checking out, but I don't know if it's something people are going to remember in six months time.

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