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    What follows is a constantly-updated walk though of how to use Sakuga City's VaultWiki add-on in order to create original articles for use on the site. Our understanding of the Wiki system is always growing so please bear with us as we learn to use this add-on together.​

    Understanding Wiki Areas & Wiki Pages
    A "Wiki Area" is a way to organize Wiki Pages. Permissions and the general rules used to govern Wiki Pages are controlled in the Wiki Area. At the moment, all of our wiki content is sitting under a single Wiki Area. There is no reason to create additional ones as far as we know yet.

    Wiki Pages are the articles themselves as well as the pages we use to list those articles. When you create a new page that is what VailtWiki calls a "Wiki Article".

    Creating New Content
    Making a new article is as simple as using the Create New Page link in the Wiki drop-down at the top of the page. At the moment we do not have a standardised method or template for arranging a wiki article so feel free to explore different aesthetic layouts. Only people with registered user accounts on Sakuga City can make new articles so we won't have rando's stopping by and mucking things up.

    Unique Wiki BB Code
    VaultWiki uses all the same BB Code as the rest of the forum as well a few additional features for article creation and organization. To find VaultWiki's unique BB Code commands and what they do navigate to Wiki -> Special Pages -> Wiki Code List or simply click here.

    Using Images
    In order to use an image you must first upload one. Users can upload .gif's, .jpg's, and .png's with a filesize limit of 300 and a resolution limit of 300 pixels wide and 500 pixels tall. To upload an image simply navitage to Wiki -> Upload New File. Give the file a descriptive name so that others can easily identify it.

    To actually use the image in your article simple use the following code:
    Editing An Article
    A wiki is a collaborative venture by design and editing articles that you didn't start yourself is encouraged if you feel you have something to contribute to the subject. This could be something as simple as an additional sentence to a television show's synopsis or as drastic as revamping a section of an article entirely if you think it's warranted (like if the article isn't using an agreed upon template).

    Retracting Edits
    Undoing someone else's edit can be a big deal so if you ever do it make sure you have a solid reason as to why. And if your reasoning doesn't pan out don't take it personally if your retraction is itself retracted.

    What we definitely don't want is edit retraction wars where users fight over whether an edit should stick or not. If you're having an issue with another user who is continually editing or retracting your work please seek out a moderator who can arbitrate the dispute.

    Current Setup
    At present, the wiki is intended to be set up in the following manner:

    Wiki Area (where all the permissions and settings are kept)
    • A "category" (which is actually just a Wiki Article) where a list of articles is maintained.
      • Individual article
      • Individual article
      • Individual article
      • Individual article
    • A "category" (which is actually just a Wiki Article) where a list of articles is maintained.
      • Individual article
      • Individual article
      • Individual article
    And so on.

    I'm currently investigating whether it's possible to have "categories" that automatically update whenever a new article is created rather than forcing someone to add it to a list manually. I'll report back my findings later.

    Coming Up With A Template
    In order to achieve some visual consistency and quality we need to come up with a general template that can be used on all articles. Let's start with the Naruto page, get it looking nice and organised, and use that as a template for other articles.

    Always A Work In Progress
    We're in this together. Use this thread to ask questions, share your findings, and discuss how the wiki works in general.
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