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    Series: Hungry Heart Wild Striker
    Release Date: 2002
    Genre: Soccer
    Director: Satoshi Saga
    Writer : Yoichi Takahashi​
    Creator: Yoichi Takahashi
    Number of Episodes: 52​


    Hungry Heart: Wild Striker
    tells the story of Kanō Kyōsuke, a teenage high school student who at the beginning of the series, has just transferred into Jyoyō Orange High School. He loses his love for the game for severe criticism of his playing style and having to live his life in the shadow of his famous footballer brother. However his love for football rekindles and he takes the Jyoyō Orange High School football team to greater heights through his skill and flair of football.

    Personal Opinion:

    Yoichi Takahashi (the creator of Captain Tsubasa as well) gave a more volatile outlook to Hungry Heart:Wild Striker in his desire to capture the emotions of football. Kano stands out as a complete rebel but what makes him appealing is his passion for the game. The secondary characters, especially Miki and Kano's team mates fulfill the appealing nature of the anime which is a big family striving to achieve success.

    Check out this heartwarming ending theme:

    The game of football displayed in the anime does not seem unbelievable and the sub-plot of love between Miki and Kano adds more flavour to the series. The soundtrack of the anime is inspirational. The first half of the series shows how Kano is incorporated into the team and how he gets along with his team mates and how he is surprised by the quality of his team mates and his opponents. The later half concentrates on the love and the search for ultimate glory.

    This anime stands out for it's inspirational plot and characters and because it's about football. A must watch for all.

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