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    Getting There
    IRC chatroom:
    (if you want to use another service such as mibbit, or an IRC client which you can download for free, use this info: server: room:#sakugacity)

    Changing my name
    To change your nickname for the current session type: /nick newnickhere

    To register your nickname in our chatroom type: /msg Nickserv REGISTER password email
    (replace "password" and "email" with your own).

    Follow the instructions given in email from Rizon. Copy and paste the confirmation code found in the email, which should have the following format:
    /msg NickServ CONFIRM ConfirmationCodeFromEmail

    You must "identify" every 60 days or so in order to hold onto your nickname. Rizon is a large server, so they reset nicknames that are not in use. Please note that names are not exclusive to Sakuga City since we don't own the server, so you may not get your first choice due to the volume of users on that server.

    Log in / Identify
    To identify, log in with your nickname and type: /msg Nickserv IDENTIFY password
    (alternatively, if logging in through kiwi, just enter your password on the login screen).

    Identifying your nickname will also activate any special privilages that you have been given by an admin (voice, half ops, ops)

    I want Voice. How do I get it?
    I will give voice to anyone who uses the chat. Just register your nickname and then send me a PM here on the forum. If the moderators need to set the room temporarily to moderated due to outside trolls, people with "voice" can still chat. The mods can give people who are present at the time temporary voice that only lasts for the current session. Getting permanent voice means that you won't have to worry about losing connection while the chat is set to moderated.

    Who are Ops / Chat Moderators?
    Typically, anyone who is a moderator on the forum will be given operator powers in the chatroom if they request them. However, I have given Ops on occassion to other people who are active and have proven that they can be mature.

    Chanstat (our bot moderator)
    Chanstat is a bot. It keeps a full chat log of everything that goes on in the room, even when there are no moderators present. If something happens in there and there is no mod on duty, you can report it directly to staff and we will deal with it.

    This bot also keeps statistics on the room: who the top posters are over the past 14 days, random out of context quotes and so on.
    Just type !ustats in the chatroom.

    To play type .trivia 10 (replace the number with the amount of questions you want to play with)
    To stop type .strivia


    This bot has a lot of commands. It can look up google, get a dictionary definition, urban dictionary definition, weather, random quotes and so on. For a list of commands, just type: .help internets
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