Is there a Sakuga Discord server?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Karnage, Dec 30, 2018.

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    So pretty much as the title suggests, I was wondering if there was a Sakuga Discord? I used to be rather active back on the A4 days of old, but that was mainly because of the IRC. I know we currently have one, but it's separate from the main page and separate login and all of that fun jazz. Essentially I'm being lazy about joining that IRC because when I do no one is on and I feel like it is a hassle most of the time. Maybe this is just a me problem though.

    Back to the main point, do we have one? If not has Shannon and other big figures mentioned making one? If so I would love to join or see one be made.
  2. Lucian Hodoboc

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    I hope not. Discord is awful. If you really want an instant messaging app, try Skype or Kik.
  3. Oh Snape

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    Do the the extra clicks and get ur ass in chat foo.

    And that goes for the rest of you. Don't worry, Dunn isn't always on.
  4. Fantasy

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    We vould create it.. I would actually join because my irc program is always kicking me out of irc and that become irritating.... :(
  5. Shannon Apple

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    I'm not saying no... But...There was a discord and nobody really used it, they stuck to the IRC, but I am guilty of that too. Ian deleted the discord recently because the people who wanted it, didn't actually log into it.

    The current IRC Chatroom is mainly Interest1ng, Dunn, Snap, Alca, Fantasy, me and a few others on occasion. Maybe a random Paul shouting angrily in all caps WHEN HE'S HUNGRY lol. I tend to idle, but can always ping me by typing my name. If I'm idling it means the app is running in the background on my computer. I might or might not be there, but usually still around until midnight (GMT) or so. You might catch a few more in there here and there, but dead on holidays and weekends I swear. American working hours, thats when the slackers descend upon the chatrooms.

    If you like to chat regularly, I recommend getting an app for IRC though. Colloquy for mac and iphone (I use it and it's awesome), mIRC for windows, AndroIRC for Android. The kiwi web app that is linked (Chat link, top right of forum) isn't all that great. You get randomly kicked on it, but it does the job for people just popping in for a bit.

    2 years ago, I was in no mood to run or maintain a discord because for me it was yet another app. I was an IRC user and was active in a few rooms, so it was nothing to keep another tab open for Sakuga and chat in there too. I left it up to the lads (Ian and KT) to maintain and run a discord if they wanted to, but I wasn't getting involved in the running of it since I never used the app. People from here signed up, chatted a bit for a few weeks, and that was that. They complained about the inactivity and I was like "there's SOME activity going on in IRC if interested." Now I'm not active much in any of the non-SC rooms I used to be in, so I don't mind maintaining whatever chat platform people are happiest using.
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    Damn, I don't remember the last time I showed up in chat...
  7. Interest1ng

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    Here you go:

    I made it cause I am with what some others have said about the IRC, but I have both IRC and discord open every day and it is easier to just move to one platform. Sooo the link is a perma link.
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