Fantasy Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu

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    @Sora Senpai

    Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu OP FULL「DeCIDE」by SUMMONERS 2+

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    Cant get enough of this series :) highschool dxd meets log horizon :D
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    STORY 8: As a huge fan of Isekai anime How NOT to summon a Demon Lord followed the same premise as most other Isekai shows. With an MC who was either a NEET, or not overly positive in life. In How not to Summon a Demon lord our MC is summoned into the game he plays where his character "Diablo" is severely OP and is one of the strongest characters Level wise in the game. We then find out he is summoned to this world by Cat Girl Rem, and Elven Girl Shera. However due to Diablos reflect Magic spell the enslavement ritual used to Summon Diablo backfires on Rem and Shera and they become Diablos slaves.

    Throughout the anime Diablo finds things out about Shera and Rem and does whatever he can to help them achieve their goals in life. Along the way Diablo, Rem, and Shera make various connections with an abundance of likeable characters and the story progresses.

    Art and Animation 10: I really enjoyed the Art and Animation. With their most recent work being Izetta the Last Witch, I was very impressed with Studio Ajia-Do. The anime was very clean, crisp and enjoyable to watch.

    Sound and Music 10: The opening and ending songs were some of the best of the season. I thoroughly enjoyed the BGM in the anime as well.

    Characters 9:
    The characters were really enjoyable. I usually hate characters like Shera but I really liked her a lot. Diablo is actually an enjoyable MC. Him being overpowered was fantastic and then being shy around girls balanced him out to be a really great MC.

    Enjoyment 9: I really enjoyed this anime. It had a good balance of comedy, action, fan service, and story spread throughout the series.

    Overall 9: Overall I thought this was a really good anime. I feel like most people should give it a chance.

    Shelf Worthy:
    I would buy the Bluray for this. 10/10

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