List of Legal Anime Streaming Sites.

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    We NEVER allow any name drops or mentions of illegal anime streaming on Sakuga City as the people who spent the time creating the content for our entertainment do not profit from it. As a community, we support the anime creators and publishers. If you would like to support them so that they can continue to create quality entertainment for all of us, please consider watching at one of the below sites.

    Many of the sites listed below have free streaming options. Even if you are not paying for a subscription, you are helping the industry through their ad revenue. If you watch at illegal sites, you are helping criminals to earn money, and the anime creators gain nothing. Wherever it is possible, please try to choose a legal option.

    There are a couple of ways of determining if a site is operating legally or not. Illegal sites will have disclaimers claiming that they are operating under a "fair use" agreement, or that the content listed isn't hosted on their site, claiming that they only operate as an index. There will be excuses or disclaimers somewhere on the site about how their content is hosted. Often times, they have pop-up ads that are in no way associated with anime.

    Genuine sites usually have affiliations with anime publishers.

    Youtube channels of anime studios and publishers are also legal and are listed below. Please note that most other copyrighted content on Youtube is posted illegally and you shouldn't post that here on Sakuga City.

    Here is a full list of known legal sites. If you know of another, or are unsure whether a link is legal, please feel free to contact myself or another member of staff.

    USA LEGAL STREAMING SITES (May also stream internationally)


    NON-USA LEGAL STREAMING SITES (UK) (France) (France) (Australia & New Zealand only) (Australia & New Zealand only) (Germany, Switz, Austria)
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