Short Story My Very First Short Stories (Cringe-Alert)

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    Many of you may not know this, but I am an aspiring writer. I one day hope to have my own novels published. I have been writing for a while, and last night I was going through some of my old stuff and came across a couple short stories which I wrote AGES ago... And who doesn't love going through all your old shit and realizing how fucking cringeworthy you were.


    Brandon B. Maher went to work every day at Pharmecutical Management.
    Had a wife and two kids.
    Had a house in a nice neighborhood.
    Had friends and family.
    Life seemed perfect for this man.
    Only one problem.
    Every night he would have horrible nightmares.
    In those nightmares he dreamed that doctors were strapping him down and sticking huge needles in him.
    Doing tests on him.
    Every night he would wake of screaming because of these nightmares.
    But that all changed.
    3741 Caldwell Road
    Geneseo, NY 14454

    he had the same dream as he always did.
    But this one was different.
    This one he could feel, smell, and see as if it was realer then life.
    He was in a room made out of metal and glass.
    It was white and very bright.
    But out side of it, it was dark and he couldn’t even see past the glass.
    The doors started to make some sort of noise.
    As a large plastic bridge was opened from one door to his.
    Out of the door there came a woman.
    She was wearing a lab coat and had a security tag with her name on it.
    She was near 90 feet away but he could still see the small print.
    He noticed that her dark hair looked like something happened to it to make it so dark.
    As she walked up still looking at her clip board, he gets up and meets her at the door.
    The doors slid open and she walked in.
    She bumped into Brandon and seemed horrified.
    She ran back through the doors and used a touch pad to lock them.
    Wondering what the act was all about he quickly turned around to make sure nothing scary was behind him.
    He tried looking through the glass one more time to see if he could see her.
    As he looked he noticed something about himself.
    He was a kid.

    At first he thought maybe she ran because he got turned into a kid.
    Before he could think another thought red lights started to flash and an alarm went off.
    The alarm hurt his ears so badly that he screamed as loud as he could.
    His scream some how broke through the glass as if it was one tenth of an inch thick.
    The alarm stopped and even the security guards ran out of the back door.
    He tried climbing up out of the cage but it didn’t work.
    He thought to himself “if I could do all those things maybe I could jump out of here”
    Trying what he thought he jumped out of the cage and on to the bridge that was still closing.
    He took a quick glimpse at his hands and then punched through the walls.
    It took a few tries to get through the 3 foot metal door.
    But he kept trying.

    The room was deserted.
    He walked out the back door were all the other people went to see if it led out side.
    Out side was an apocalyptic world.
    He knew it must have been new York because the statue of liberty’s head was half buried in the ground in front of him.
    There were building on top of building.
    Bridges on top of over passes.
    Cars stacked on top of each other to make walls.
    The air smelled horrible.
    Sand was flowing through the air.
    On his left there was a large building or sky scraper the just collapsed beside him.
    Behind it was a monster so huge and horrifying that he could only stand there and watch in shock.
    Soon after he came back to his senses he ran into a small ally.
    He gripped the brick wall and tried to catch his breath.
    He started to hear foot steps.
    And some sort of growling noise.
    He looked to his right to see the shadow of what he thought was a human. He started to walk towards it to meet it.

    The creature who was casting the shadow turned its head to show tow horns.
    He opened his mouth and out came huge blade like teeth.
    Brandon ran to the other side as quickly and silently as possible.
    Before he got to the other side another monster jumped out in front of him.
    It was blue and boney.
    It had some sort of acid slime coming out of his mouth.
    Its teeth near covered his entire head.
    With demon like red eyes he started to charge Brandon.
    Brandon in fear punched him and the creature’s head popped right off and it’s body fell to the ground.
    He continued to run from the other creature.
    On the other side it looked as if he was safe.
    All he could see was some sand, a dark sky, a red moon, and dusty skyscrapers.
    He heard a giant roar coming from a beast the size of the twin towers.
    This beast was tan but had eight pink tentacles.
    He was using his tentacles to pick up the large skyscrapers and shove it in his mouth.
    Because of Brandon’s great hearing he screamed because of the pain the large monster’s roar.
    The monster then swallowed the building and knocked over a few.
    The monster was surprised by the larger roar coming from Brandon.
    The monster looked at Brandon and then started to rush after him.
    On his left and right there was two similar monsters chasing after him as well.
    On his right and left were also two allies.
    Out of them came about a dozen smaller monsters.
    In front of him came huge beasts that looked like a cross between rhinos and dinosaurs.
    They were rushing at him with great speed with their horns and bone like heads aimed at him.
    He sat down and covered his head waiting to be in pain.
    In a mater of seconds the roars and foot steps of the creatures could not be heard.
    He looked up to see 7 men covered head to toe with large guns unlike anything he has ever seen.
    They started talking to each other asking how could he be breathing this air and still be alive.
    Then one man stepped up and took his gun and knocked Brandon out.
    He woke up in a cage without his powers and in a dark room with one light bulb that was going out to give him little light.
    He then sat down and started crying, wondering if reality was all just a dream or if this reality is a dream.
    He asked himself if he would ever wake up.
    But all he could do was wonder.

    Is life a dream?
    What if it was?



    Dear diary,
    The boy I liked asked me out to prom.
    It seemed like he was hiding something.
    He didn’t tell me.
    What ever he was hiding, it was big.



    Month 127, day 2756.
    No sign of anything strange other then what I have recently studied.
    The infectious disease has been growing more rapidly then usual.
    I have been working day in and day out to find the cure.
    Sometimes I think to myself that there is no use.
    That we are all just made to die.
    I don’t really know what to do.
    All I can say is that by the end of this pandemic we would have lost two thirds of the Earth’s population.



    Everything went swell in our under ground colony.
    We have managed to use our powers to grow crops to help feed the children.
    Times are tuff when you are rejected from the land livers.
    The sky has continued to stay dark red.
    I don’t even think the moon is in the sky any longer.
    I don’t know how the others are feeling about all this.
    It just hurts me to think that I will have to tell stories about the stars to my child.
    It’s not as bad as everyone is making it out to be.
    But just like the sun, our happiness is fading away.


    Agent 25:

    We have joined forces with the CIA, FBI, MI6, and SHEILD.
    The Helicarrier wont last as long as we thought.
    The Russians have been working on some sort of robotics.
    Allowing them to live through this pandemic.
    All I know is that I don’t trust what ever they are building.



    Russian Sciencetist:

    We have finally made the robotics!
    We have tested it out on our military and so far they are unaffected to the pandemic!
    We will be the surviving last men!
    We have made a one core processor.
    It is a learning machine that will keep our entire military connected!


    General Layton Findlay:

    We have been joined by the Russians.
    The last remaining country is ours.
    It hurts me that the ones who started this is us.
    America failed this time.
    The Russians said that their military was taken over by some sort of robot.
    They said it was a learning robot.
    That is started killing their military until it learned how to control the host’s mind remotely.
    If it wasn’t bad enough that the whole world was infected, that mind controlling killer robots had to be in on the mix as well.
    All I can say, is this is no Mayan prediction.


    Mutant Leader :

    One of our scouts reported that all of Asia was this dark red color.
    He said that when he looked closer it was almost as if it was all moving.
    He moved closer and gasped.
    He muttered something that sounded like “zombies”
    Robot zombies or something.
    He said he was going to move closer to check it out.
    After that we didn’t hear him talk.
    Then we heard him scream.
    We got report that our men believe he said “save yourselves!”
    What ever he saw up there, no one wants to find out.


    Agent 76:

    I was told that the pandemic only infected a little of America.
    It only gave them “powers” like creepy comic book powers.
    They told me that it was spread to Africa.
    I went to the computer in my dorm.
    I used one of our satellites to look over it.
    All of Africa and half of England is covered in some sort of green like mist.
    I know this sounds kind of foolish and doesn’t sound true, but one thing I know for sure, is that this IS a zombie horror movie.
    Even the animals are infected with this.
    I have to go.
    I am being called for a meeting.



    General Layton Findlay:

    It was a long year.
    But this is a new one.
    We have made an EMP bomb that could have taken out all of Washington DC.
    If it was still there.
    If we can get it close enough to its main core processor it will shut down the entire system!
    The only problem is that it heavily guarded by who knows what!
    We will need weapons.
    Big weapons.
    We need a hero.


    report from above:

    two mutants with great powers left this colony.
    They went above land.
    They should have been dead, but they met up with 3 solders who were doing the same thing.
    They all wanted to make peace.
    They all knew is they gathered strengths they could actually save this planet.
    As much as they wanted this to happen they could never pull this stunt off.
    They decided that it would be best to just to go over to the robots and try killing it before the “gathered” forces could.
    Five agents thought the same way.
    They gathered as much food and weapons as they could.
    Soon they made it to England.
    It was pretty much useless to go there for help.
    They couldn’t see more then 20 feet in front of them because of the green mist.
    All they could hear was foot steps and growns.
    One mentioned how this reminded him of a movie he watched when he was a little boy.
    In a distance they saw what they thought was an alive human.
    It wasn’t.
    Soon after they met up with this corpse they killed it.
    After that is was living hell.
    Everywhere they looked there was someone or something trying to kill them.
    As they where cornered and it looked like certain doom, all the living corpses dissipated into the green mist.
    Out stepped the two mutants and three solders.
    They offered help in their “quest”.
    At first they were scared of the mutants.
    After noticing that the solders were pretty beat up.
    One of the agents just said yes.
    Some of the agents were in a shock at first.
    But as soon as they got to know their new allies, they began to trust them as well.
    Soon they made it to this desert like place.
    It was silent.
    Dark, and creepy, all they could hear was the sound of the wind and sand in it.
    After 5 days of traveling they heard a whistle from the wind.
    They came closer and closer to this whistle.
    It grew louder and louder.
    In the distance they saw what they thought was agents in one of the shuttles.
    Both the “agents” and the others went to greet each other.
    Still not being able to see 10 feet ahead, the “agents” started to open fire on them.
    They took cover and fired back.
    The two mutants happened to be the ones who killed these “agents”.
    Bringing the heads with them they showed the others.
    The agents looked at the heads.
    It looked like the robots they were told about.
    They could see the brain sticking out with these sorts of wires stuck in it.
    “we must be closer” said one of the mutants.
    After that day they camped down still hearing the whistle.
    “my name is Andrew” said one of the agents.
    “this is Steven, John, and Eric” said Andrew.
    “I’m Logan, this is Josh” said one of the mutants.
    The solders looked at each other and one of them said “my name is Matt, this is Brian, and Sean”
    There was an awkward silence for a moment.
    Then Josh teleported and came back.
    The solders and agents were shocked for a moment, but then remembering that they were mutants.
    Josh was holding a bag of some sort.
    He opened it and inside it there was a pig.
    He said “America wont be needing this for a while” then he smiled.
    They all started to laugh as they cooked the pig.
    Soon after a while they went to sleep.
    At 5:00 AM they were rudely woken up by Logan.
    Josh secretly grinned and snickered.
    “we have a long day today. And we need to get going” said Logan.
    “and if you ladies cant handle it then go back to your castle”
    while still being half asleep Brian jumped up and said “SIR YES SIR”
    they all laughed until their sides hurt.
    While feeling a little embarrassed Josh patted him on the back and said “that’s just his way of saying hello”
    On their way they found some dead agent bodies laying on the ground.
    One was holding a case or metal box.
    They opened it to find nothing.
    Andrew gasped and took a deep swallow.
    “there was supposed to be an EMP in this!”
    the solders and mutants looked at him as the agents looked at each other.
    Steven said in fear “we were told that we were going to use an EMP that was strong enough to take out these robots. These are LEARNING robots. If it’s not in this case then it’s probably in their hands! Who knows what damage they could do if they amplified its power!!!!”
    They grabbed as much resources from the bodies as they could and rushed off toward the robots in an even faster pace.
    In a distance stood at least 500 robots.
    The agents gave the solders some weapons and told them to aim for the head.
    Andrew started to give a weapon to Logan but he said “save it. I wont be needing it”
    Out came these claw like blades from his hands.
    Brian noticed this and mentioned “man you look like wolverine”
    Logan said “yeah that’s not all I can do. And I can do more then wolverine”
    Josh started to grow these bone like blades from his skin.
    It looked like a sort of armor.
    Logan looked back and said “you aint seen nothing yet” then grinned.
    The agents and solders started to open fire on the robots while Josh and Logan jumped and landed inside the army of robots.
    The solders and agents gasped and slowly stopped shooting as they watched in amazement.
    Heads of robots and limbs were flying everywhere,
    With a few scratches and bumps, Josh and Logan came out of the pile of robot parts.
    Amazed at what they saw, their jaws dropped.
    “close your mouths. You’ll catch flies” said Logan.
    They continued to push forward.
    Within 3 days they found the base.
    Sitting on a mountain they looked closely to find their way in without being killed.
    They saw sitting on a truck like vehicle carrying the EMP device.
    They suited up and rushed down.
    Josh teleported and all of them were at the front of the base.
    Soon near 60,000 robots stood in front of them.
    They held the EMP.
    The robots looked very “not there” then suddenly their eyes lit up bright red.
    They had guns with bullets and not blasters like the agents had.
    Eric said “I guess they are playing old school”
    Out came this one man.
    It looked as if there was wires in his head.
    This was no mind controlled robot.
    This was different.
    He peacefully spoke with them.
    He first said “welcome outsiders”
    “who are you?” said John.
    “my name is Phobos Flavian.”
    “what kind of name is that?” said Josh.
    “it may not be a name like Logan, or Josh, or even Andrew, Brian, Steven, Matt, John, Eric, or Sean. But it is my name”
    “how the hell did you know our names!” said Steven.
    “don’t be angry young Steven. I have been carefully watching you and your journey.”
    “but how?” said Matt.
    “my entire base is robots. You think I couldn’t watch every step you make? Come. I must feed you”
    they felt suspicious of what he was doing.
    They went inside and sat down.
    The room seemed as if it was fully made of wires.
    And as if those wires were under Phobos’s control.
    They sat down and in front of them was hamburgers and French fries.
    “how?” said John.
    “Easy. I am the most powerful man in the world, I am a God! I can do anything.” Said Phobos.
    “so you are the reason for all this?” said Logan angrily.
    “it depends on what you call “all this” Logan” said Phobos.
    “depends!?!? You mean like how you kill people and take over their god given will!? Or how you have killed nations! I bet you are even the reason for this pandemic!”
    “I can not lie. But yes Logan. I made the pandemic. My goverment wouldn’t make the learning robot I wanted. For it was the only way I could rule the world. So when I started the pandemic I said that my robotics would save our country. And they fell for it. The learning robot lived on one rule. To follow my every command. So I “commanded” it to connect with my mind and make me the core processor!”
    they all gasped and then grabbed their guns.
    “no no young children. There is no use for these toys” said Phobos.
    Then some sort of robotic arms took their weapons away.
    Andrew said “I don’t need these toys to kick your ass!” he pulled out a gun like item.
    None of them knew what is was.
    He shot every solder and agent including himself.
    They fell to the ground and stayed there as if they were dead.
    They stopped breathing and their hearts stopped pounding.
    Logan and Josh were shocked and quickly rushed to try to keep them alive.
    Soon Josh started to feel a heart beat on John.
    And then John woke up and gasped for air.
    The same thing happened too the rest.
    Andrew knowing what happened soon held out his hand.
    A burst of fire so powerful that the room was incinerated.
    Logan grabbed Andrew by the neck and said “are you freaking crazy!?”
    He said “well we are all still alive aren’t we?”
    “then what did you do to us!” said Matt.
    “I stole samples of the pandemic and I used it to mutate us!”
    they all looked around and Eric stepped up and said “well sweet, lets go kick some cann!”
    they all grinned and rushed out.
    Before they could get any further about five million robots stood in front of them.
    Phobos yelled in the back “you shouldn’t act so foolish young ones. ATTACK!”
    The robots open fired and rushed after them.
    But they were no match for them.
    Matt was covered in a glow or some sort of force field.
    He could control it and turn it on and off.
    Nothing not even the bullets could get past it.
    At first he just hit the robots, then he shot blasts of his force field tearing through the robots.
    John had amazing strength. Logan said “save some for me Hulk”
    Steven could faze through the robots and kill them.
    Brian had some sort of concussion blasts that he used to rip the robots apart.
    While Sean could run at the speed of light.
    Eric could control metal.
    It came in handy.
    They killed near 80 million robots before they got cornered.
    Then Andrew let out a blast of fire that incinerated every robot in sight.
    They then walked up to Phobos.
    He yelled “no!!!!! how could this happen! I planed everything out! Step by step! Day by day! Why!”
    “because good guys always finish last” said Logan
    the world was still damaged.
    But the mutants could finally live above ground.
    The agents rebuilt the technology that was there before it happened.
    They also made a cure for the zombies.
    The world was restored years later.
    But it would never forget what happened to them.
    The world was at peace.
    And the hero’s who save the planet were honored above all the others.
    They were made the leaders of that country.
    They died old.
    They died with children, and wives.
    They died proud.
    They would never forget the days they were together.
    They were the hero’s.
    They are hero’s.
    They died happy, and joyfuly.
    They died with smiles on their face.
    But that is the story of the greatest hero’s who ever lived.

    Thrive not to be great nor honored.
    Thrive to live your life in every way posible.
    On your grave stone there is some numbers.
    One tells you when you were born. And when you died.
    In middle of those numbers is a dash.
    The dash is our life.
    How will you live your dash?

    It's okay... You can laugh... I did too.
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    "Thrive not to be great nor honored.
    Thrive to live your life in every way posible.
    On your grave stone there is some numbers.
    One tells you when you were born. And when you died.
    In middle of those numbers is a dash.
    The dash is our life.
    How will you live your dash?"

    This was better than the whole 2 pages.
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    personally my favorite part was

    "Dear diary,
    The boy I liked asked me out to prom.
    It seemed like he was hiding something.
    He didn’t tell me.
    What ever he was hiding, it was big."

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